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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mission Critical (M&T): Saving Pocahontas

Tensions are high in the new world. Particularly at the border of new France (Canada) and new Britain (America). Rapid expansion on both sides means nobody is certain where exactly the border is.  In the three river valley the settlers speak french to the french patrols and english to the British patrols but are effectively independent.
Recently a settler has struck up a relationship with the daughter of the main indian chief in the area. It is uncertain if the couple have ran away together or she has been kidnapped but the chief wants his daughter back. The French and the British and their allies would like to use the situation to improve their influence in the area. The objective is to find the girl and return her to her father.

The village is in the centre of the table surrounded by a mix of trees and low hills.

The scenario pits the red team consisting of British regulars (Red1) and their indian allies (Red2) Vs the blue team consisting of French regulars (Blue1) and their indian allies (Blue2). Note for this game the term allies might be too generous it is more a case of my enemies enemy if my ally than anything else.

Red force

British (Hessian) search party
Hauptmann Kuemmerling (mounted)
Leutnants Ratzeputz & Jägermeister  
2 troops of six cavalry ofthe 16th Dragoons
4 companies of twelve infantry of the Von Knyphausen regiment

Mohican Indian search party
Sacshen Jim-Beam
Sub-sacshens Seagram & Heaven Hill
6 units of 6 musket armed warriors
3 units of 8 bow armed warriors (with bloodthirsty trait)
Blue force

French search party
Captaine Pastis (mounted)
      Lieutenants Izarra & Garluche
2 troops of six cavalry of the Lazun legion
4 companies of twelve infantry of the La Reine regiment

Iroquois Indian search party
Sacshen Manatawny
Sub-sacshens Catoctin & Fog's Endl
6 units of 6 musket armed warriors
3 units of 8 bow armed warriors (with bloodthirsty trait)

Special rules:
Any infantry unit is base contact with a building may opt to search it looking for Pocahontas.  A unit gives up one activation to search a building. Roll a D10 on a results of a “10” the units finds Pocahontas.  Add one to the dice roll for each building searched eg the second building to be searched regardless of player finds Pocahontas on a 9 or 10.
Place a smoke marker on a buildings after it has been searched to show it has been searched. Buildings may only be searched once in the game.

What is inside test
The unit finds friendlies previously thought to be lost. The searching player can recycle up to 6 models (not cavalry) from their wounded pile to form up a new unit.
Moonshine still
The unit finds and liberates the owners liquor cabinet. The units gets +2 to all morales test until the end of the turn
The unit finds nothing
Hail of lead.
The unit takes 2D3 muskets shots from civilians at point blank range.
Angry settlers
The unit takes 2d3 close combat hits

The unit that finds Pocahontas gets Pocahontas token. The token moves the same as the unit but does not shoot or fight in close combat.
If the units recoils it abandons the token on a D6 roll of 4+. If the unit flees it automatically abandons Pocahontas .  If the unit is defeated in combat ie forced to take a morale roll, the victors can claim control of Pocahontas . If there are multiple players in combat and the unit escorting ie defeated (suffers more losses than one or more opposing units) the unit with the highest number of kills takes control of Pocahontas. If no unit scores the highest Pocahontas is abandoned.
If Pocahontas is abandoned a unit may claim her by moving into base contact and spending 1 action point convincing her to join them.

Events Cards:
Each time an event card is played every unsearched building fires 2D3 musket shots at the nearest player unit regardless the number of openings on the building side facing the unit.  Measured from the closest point of the building to the nearest unit .  If two units are equal close randomly determine which unit is hit.  The shots are fired by civilians and hit on a 6+.

Victory conditions:
Note all thought there is two fraction sides to the scenario only one player can win it. So at some point is may be in a player's interest to have a few “accidental” friendly fire.
5 VPs Find Pocahontas and escort her off the table
3VPs search more buildings the other players (if two more or players are tied then each players gets 1 VP each)
2 VPs if your team mate finds and escorts Pocahontas off the table.

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