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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sitrep (M&T): Day 11-14 for the Moonwalkers on the trail to the Stoney river

moonwalkers after day 14.jpg

Lots of Militia 
After the village battle the warband moved forward but soon ran out food and fell back to the village to look for more supplies for the final leg of their journey. In the area they found food for four days. They also found the village survivors holed up in a ruined farm looking for safety. Ohitkah decided to protect the villagers while he was in the area. However, the return of the war band was not unnoticed. Four musket armed warriors and nine bow armed warriors joined the band. The warband had enough muskets to re-arm two of the bowmen. But during this time ninety five drilled militia formed to hunt down the warband.  For the battle the warband’s three walking wound were not formed to fight.
Indians villagers hiding in the ruins
The Indians rolled to too old for with one of Ohitkah’s subcheifs called Brownshirt showing his age and needs to survive the battle to show the other warriors he could complete the quest. For subplots the militia rolled rivalry with one militia officer needing to score more killing than one of Ohitkah’s subcheifs called red shirt.

The militia advanced in strength with the officers ordering their men forward. The Indians replied with bow and musket fire but with limited effect while the civilians fled the buildings to the safety of the woods.

Militia centre
On the left flank the officer while rivalry with redshirt led his militia into combat with the bow armed Indians. Six Indians were fight off to hold twenty four militia and the officer for several rounds before the small warband was over run. The officer scored several hits in the combat but was not able to take down any Indians.

Indians markers moving around flanks
On the right flank Redshirt led two units to try to stop the militia progress. Musket fire forced one of the militia back. Redshirt eyed up the militia officer and charged in the ensuing duel both warriors hit. The militia officer survived but Redshirt was injured. The remaining militia forced back the Indians.
With more markers moving on the other flank

In the centre disaster struck with the militia scattering the Indian centre. Ohitekah and most his supporting warbands were injured. And the militia began to fire on the fleeing civilians.  Brownshirt and the reserves arrived but judged the situation too grim. The Warband broke contact fleeing from the battle and abandoning the villagers. The only positive was their retreat backwards took them closer to their final objective.
The milita are engaged on the flank
The battle cost the warband five dead, five injured with Ohitkah and Redshirt also injured, leaving Brownshirt in command.

Militia centre opting for the bulldozer approach and plows thorugh the indian centre
With five days left in the campaign the warband is three days march from the river with four days worth of food in their inventory*.  It looks good but they are carrying a lot of walking wounded, including two chiefs and word is some veteran militia are forming to hunt the band down.

Warband status at the end of the 14th day
1 sub-chief (Brownshirt)
18 warriors with muskets
7 warriors with bows

1 Warchief (Ohitkah)
1 sub-chief (Redshirt)
5 warriors with muskets
4 days rations
0 spare muskets

*GM note: Bizarrely in the campaign the Indians retreat was away from the battle and since they had come from the direction of their objective the river we agreed they would retreat towards the river rather than back to their starting position otherwise the campaign would have ended with them to far from the river

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