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Monday, May 9, 2016

Sitrep(M&T): Fort Timber

Sliton's convoy

Camemberts's convoy
Fort Timber was the biggest Musket and Tomahawks game we had tried to date with 376 models and using all the units cards, except the militias, I was a little interested in how the game would scale up.

Rochefort's garrison

Regarding the random characters and plots I got the French garrison commander Major Rochefort. Publicly he was charged with protecting the fort but secretly he wanted the French convoy to reach the fort since it was rumored it had some valuable persons in it.  Unfortunately the major also had a secret shame and was determine to die a hero in the field of battle. In short protect the fort, save the civilians and die gloriously in the process.

Dovedale's rangers engaging Camemberts Marines and indians

Thorsten got major Dovedale and the garrison of the British fort. Publicly he was charged with protecting the fort but secretly he wanted the stop the french settlers from reaching their destination and do something heroic leading a charge into the enemy lines.

Slitton's convoyu begins to engage the French

Martin got Colonel Camembert and the French convoy. He was tasked with escorting the civilians to the fort but secretly wanted to ensure the french fort was protected during the battle and I forget his secondary objective.

Camemberts's firing lines getting the better of the British indians

Matthias got Colonel Stilton and the British convoy. He was tasked with escorting the civilians to the fort but secretly wanted to ensure the British fort was protected during the battle and ensuring Lieutenant Buxton survived the game.

Despite being more or less a mirror match both sides adopted very different approaches to their challenge. For the British Slilton’s convoy pushed forward aggressively with the irregulars and indians moving forward to occupy the terrain with the regulars and civilians following behind in column. At the Fort, Dovedale ordered out his irregulars and indians with rest remaining in position.

Rochefort's regulars Vs Sliton's provincials
For the French, Camembert ordered his regulars and Indians into the woods between the Stilton and Dovedale while his regulars formed line and advanced on Stilton's position. Rochefort lead out his grenadiers and some regulars dragging a cannon with them and ordered his Indians with some french militia to harry the British fort. Both Garrison had a bit of a traffic problems trying to get all their units out of the gate

In the ensuing engagement the Stilton's convoy came out the badly. The light infantry and Indians struggled to hold back Camembert’s regulars, while Roquefort’s guns and regulars started putting a lot pressure on the Convoy's flank guard.  But things were not all going the French way Camemberts’ irregulars and Indians faced heavy pressure from Dovedale’s irregulars which were reinforced with Grenadiers and artillery fire from the fort.  In the ensuing melee Camemberts men held the woods but they were a spent force in the process.

Frnech Garrison puts pressure on the British column
With the British convoy's escorts being worn down the civilians were forced to run the gauntlet of French fire to make a break for the British force. Captain Wensleydale charged the french Indians in the woods hoping to clear a path for the civilians. He cut down a few Indians but is slain in return. Some of the civilians got within sight of the fort but in the end they were all are cut down by the French.
Captain Wensleydale charges the French Indians hoping to clear a path for the civilians

French column blazing away
With Stiltons force spent Camembert ordered his civilians to make a break for the fort. But they had underestimate the power of the British cannon. In the end there was one civilian left.

The British convoy starts to run out of escorts
British civilians make a dash for their fort
Rochefort sensing his time had come opted for heroic charge. He hit the badly depleted Grenadiers, won combat and forced them to flee. Then he charged Colonel Sliton and cut him down in combat.. For his third charge he went after the light infantry but his lucky finally ran out and they brought him down
Last of the British flank protection is destroyed.

We called time mid-way through the game. There was only one civilian left and it was 50:50 he could make it to the fort.  When the dust had settled the score was 4:4 honors even.  

Last of the Indians with Camembert waving him on
Overall I enjoyed the game. I think the Garrisons could lose their second gun. Before the game artillery had never really accomplished much but during the game it put a lot of hurt on the convoys probably because it was able to score a lot of flank hit but then again Dovedale rolled a lot of six when firing on the French.  The game scaled up very well without becoming chunky. Plus now I have two forts which need to see some action

French convoy just keeps firing
Rochefort starts his charge and forces the grenadiers to recoil
After the Grenadiers he goes after Sliton
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