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Monday, May 2, 2016

Sitrep (M&T); Fort Timber

Fort Timber
fort map.jpg

Set in the wilderness of Ohio. The British have have order to escort a column of settlers to the protection of a Fort and ensure the Fort remains under their control. While the French have orders column of Indians to the protection of a Fort and ensure the Fort remains under their control.

Getting started
All the forces are pre-deployed.
At the start of the game each player rolls a D6. Starting with the high roll and moving to his left each player has a choice of two red and two blue envelopes. Each player one envelope with the last player getting the last envelope.
Each envelope contain the player's character, his secret plot and subplot. Plots and subplots can not be revealed until the end of the game ie no sharing information with your teammates.

The battlefield:
The Garrisons begin in the Forts. The convoys begin in the opposite corners.

The Sliton convoy
The Camembert convoy
Colonel Sliton of the 25th foot (CiC)
Colonel Camembert of the 34th foot (CiC)
Captain Wensleydale 25th foot(2iC)
Captain Brie 34th foot(2iC)
Saschen Monterey
Saschen Cougar-gold
Revened Barkham
Father Meaux
A company 25th foot
(12 Grenadiers)
A company 34thfoot
(12 Grenadiers)
B company 25th foot
(12 Grenadiers)
B company 34th foot
(12 Grenadiers)
C company 25th foot
(12 Regulars)
C company 34th foot
(12 Regulars)
D company 25th foot
(12 Regulars)
D company 34th foot
(12 Regulars)
C company 50th foot
(8 Light infantry)
C company Quebec Marines
(8 Colonial Marines)
D company 50th foot
(8 light infantry)
D company Quebec Marinest
(8 Colonial Marines)
D company 57th foot
(12 Provincials )
D company 87th foot
(12 Provincials )
(6 indians)
(6 Indians)
(6 indians)
(6 indians)
(8 Civilians)
(8 civilians)
(8 civilians)
(8 civilians)
(8 Civilians)
(8 civilians)

Garrison Dovedale
Garrison Roquefort
Major Dovedale 37th foot (CiC)
Major Roquefort 24th foot (CiC)
Lieutenant Buxton 37th foot (2iC)
Sous-Lieutenant Boursin 24th foot (2iC)
A company37th foot
(12 Grenadiers)
A company 24th foot
(12 Grenadiers)
B company 37th foot
(12 Regulars)
B company 24th foot
(12 Regulars)
C company 37th foot
(12 Regulars)
C company 24th foot
(12 Regulars)
D company 37th foot
(12 Provincials )
D company 24th foot
(12 Provincials )
Lylod's rangers
(8 Rangers)
Pierre's Milita
(8 Milita)
Harrington's rangers
(8 rangers)
Remi Militia
(8 Milita)
(6 indians)
(6 indians)
No. 1 gun
(6 crew)
No. 1 gun
(6 crew)
No. 2 gun
(6 crew)
No. 2 gun
(6 crew)

Special rules:
Considering some forces have over a hundred models rather than track individual model loss commanders need to track the number of units complete destroyed. Once it reaches its threshold the force starts to take a morale test as normal. Convoys test after 7 units destroyed Garrisons test after 5 units destroyed.

M&T does not really do fortification which is  problem considering there are two forts on the battlefield.  Below are rules for handling fortification during the game.
To move up or down a fortification cost 2” of a figures movement. Models may not attempt to move up a fortification if there is an enemy model on the fortification and within 2” of the model
Small arms (muskets, et) rules are covered under the main rules.
Artillery may fire a a 3”x3” section of the rather than the normal 8”x8” section. Models in a section that is hit by artillery counts as being hit as well.
Close combat
Models in contact with the fortification can attack an enemy models within 2”.Models attacking into fortification must re-roll successful hit.  Models in fortification can re-roll failed defend rolls from attacks from outside the fortification.
Models in fortification get a +2 bonus to morale rolls

There are four event per rounds.
Two event activate the civilians. Combined with  their normal activation and en avant civilians can move up to 15” per turn.
The two other events are randomly and secretly added to the playing.
A summary of the events can be found here

New Officers orders
Rally Boys
When an officer activates using “en avant/forward boys” he can use his action to rally any fleeing units within 6” of him. The fleeing units no longer counts as fleeing and can operate as normal for the rest of the turn.
Martial law
When an officer activates using “en avant/forward boys” he can use his action to activate a civilian unit within 6” of him.

Victory Conditions
Each player gets 2 points in they achieve their primary plot.
Each player gets 1 point if they achieve their subplot
Garrison player gets 1 point for controlling his fort at the end of the game
Convoy player gets 1 point if more than half their civilians are in the fort at the end of the game.

Note: it might be possible for a player to score double for one action eg the Garrison player must defend his fort for his plot. This is okay, the player must real like his job.

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