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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sitrep (M&T): Day 9 to 10 for the Moonwalkers on the trail to the Stoney river

moonwalkers after day ten.jpg
Indians hidden markers
After the battle with the veteran militia, the Moonwalkers opted to scout out the surrounding lands and opted to move through poor farmland hoping to avoid an encounter with other militia. For the first day the tactic worked. Then they ran into rich farmland and all though they tried to avoid contact the Militia found them. The war band ran across Indian village consisting of elderly Indians.  The villagers got word that a militia party was hunting for Ohitekah and begged the warband not to start hostilities (for subplots the militia rolled vendetta and had to kill Ohitekah, while the Indians rolled truce and could not attack first).
Just a quiet day in the village

For the village defense Ohitekah formed a unit of the walking wound to make his numbers.  The small band of raw militia arrived late at the village and the sun went down as they entered it.  The Indians stalked the militia under order not to fire.  The militia moved to to fire the buildings. tension rose as the Indians saw the militia about to fire the village.
Then the milita show up

The silence was broken when the militia fired three of the four buildings.  The Indians opened fire decimating the raw militia. The militia return fire was large ineffective but one unit made it to the last hut and began to set fire to the building.
Hidden Indians move to flank the village

The war band swept in determined to destroy the invaders. One of the walking wounded became a hero in the ensuing fire fight. The militia broke before they could finish the destruction of the last building.
More Indians are spotted on the other flank
In the battle the Indians lost three warriors with another three injured. They did not find any food or guns on the battlefield. One warrior was promoted after the battle.

The militia advance on the village
Warband status at the end of the 10th day
1 Warchief
2 sub-chiefs
18 warriors
3 warriors
2 days rations
2 spare muskets
The militia approach the village
Militia spread out to search the village
And the nearby woods
The shooting starts when the militia spot some Indians sneaking around their rear
militia fire the nearest three huts 
But they take a lot of casualties from Indians hidden in the woods
The last of the Militia try and fail to burn the last hut before routing from the table
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