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Monday, May 23, 2016

Sitrep(Saga): No time for the wolf at a feast for Crows

A feast for Crows
In the red corner... the Norse Gaels
At Salute I managed to pickup a Pre-release copy of of the new Saga supplement age of the wolf. And in an effort to be hip and trendy I wanted to get in a game before it went on general release.   Unfortunately my opponent triple booked himself and so with four players we opted for a feast of crows battle.  The battle sees the Norse Gaels face off against the Irish ( on the left), the Scots (on the right) and the Anglo-Danish (opposite).  

The initial moves were a bit like an Benny Hill scene with the Norse Gaels moving after the Irish who moved after the Anglo-Danes who moved after the Scots who moved after the Norse Gaels.

Scottish Hearthguard  charge the Anglo-Danish sheildwall
The Irish opted to break the deadlock first with a unit of a warriors stopping to act as a blocking force for the pursing Norse Gaels. The Scots also changed axis of attack moving after the Anglo-Danes. This meant the Danes were facing Irish and Scots coming from two different directions 

Scottish warriors reinforce their hearth guard 
But the Danes were up form the challenge knocking back the Scots..
Irish and Scottish Corner the Anglo-Danes
Then taking out the Iriosh including scalping their warlord.
Norse Gaels move to the centre of the battlefield trying to find an opponent
While the Norse Gaels were a bit out of the action
Anglo Danes beat back the Scots
And the Irish
In the end the Anglo Danes took the honours with My gales coming bottom (everybody kept running away the gits)

That is all for now thanks for stopping by. 

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