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Thursday, May 12, 2016

PiP (Saga): Getting some colour for the Bready Bowmen

Bready bowmen get some colour

I finally got round to painting up my bready bowmen for the Norse Gaels. I probably should have read the army list more since it seems the Gaels can not have bowmen :) 
Ah well, at least they look nice ad it was good to get some practice in with Greenstuff.  The Gaels also gets some new warriors with shortened spears in a different color (Vallejo Natural wood) just to remind me that they are javelins rather than the normal spears.
Regular bowman plus his bready friend
Too young to grow breads but not a bad shot with a sling.
Norse Gaels get second unit of warriors with javelins
Some with Greenstuff bedrolls
Testing out a painting scheme for another (3rd!!!) warband

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