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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sitrep (40k); Battle of Tilburg, day two.

Saturday night ended in a "guess the animal“ barbeque. I got to chew the fat with the ETC team Belgium, some of whom had traveled to the event, and Tom, one of the referees from the ETC. The fact he is a nice guy almost makes up for the fact he docked me points for the ETC, almost ;)

Round four Vs Nico playing daemons
The Daemons;
Fate weaver
Blood thrister
2 packs of 6 blood crushers
1 pack of 5 blood crushers
3 packs of 5 plague bearers
1 Soulgrinder


Lots of 'em

Round four was against daemons commanded by Nico, the current champion, Something to do with seventeen bloodcrushers supported by Fate Weaver. An Arts student was doing a project on gaming which involved him following Nico for the event and recording his games. I got to do my Forest Gump impression in the back ground. The mission was “kill the head” whoever killed their opponents general was the winner. How close the model who landed the final blow was determined the victory margin. Nico choose Fate Weaver as his general. I got picked a T4 W2 Big Mek, this was not a good start.  The deployment was spearhead. There was a tactical discussion about terrain, mainly I wanted anything that looked impassable to count as impassable. Nico’s with his deepstriking army was less keen. In the end we split the difference, probably to the advantage of the orks with two table quarters containing deep striking threats.

The Orks won the roll off and picked one of the “safe” table quarters restricting the deep strike options further. The orks deployed with the general in the corner attached to a mob and surrounded by a hundred sixty bodies. The wrong Daemon wave rolled on. The mission rules meant the general had to arrive in the first wave. Now the impassable terrain discussion started to pay off. Fate weaver arrived first, no problem. The second unit in was a pack of blood crushers that scattered danger close to Fate Weaver. There was a lot of re-measures and rechecks but in the end they were safe. The third unit in was a pack of plague bearers and they scattered on to the bloodcrushers this time there was no doubts and the pack end up in front of the green tide. A fourth pack arrived without issue.

Are you sure they can fit?

In response the Orks spread out further limiting deepstrike zone. The kans got to play the “smashie-bashie” game with the plague bearers and were rewarded with a wipeout. Some other kans and rocket boyz took pot shots at Fate Weaver and scored a wound. The second wave of daemons arrived without issue guided by an icon. The Daemons now faced some tough choice. Advance with wounded Fate Weaver supporting the blood crushers, advance without wounded Fate Weaver supporting the Bloodcrushers or fall back. In
the end the daemons opted to fall back in front of some bemused boyz. Fate Weaver went to ground behind a hill while the blood crushers fell back to provide a screen.

Daemons face off

In orks pushed forward with rocket boyz and kans doing anything to draw a line on fate weaver. When that failed they took out their frustration on the blood crushers killing one and wounding everybody else in the pack. The game rolled on for seven turns with much the effect. Fate weaver redeploying in cover while the crushers screened him while the boyz edge forward. If the Crushers moved forward the kans moved to intercept. If the Bloodthrister moved after the kans the boyz moved to intercept.

The game ended with anti climatic kill count of eight boyz vs six daemons 

WTF is he?

Results,Draw 10-10

The end of round four meant the start of the quiz. Closed book, in a basket ball arena with just a pen and paper on the table. My knowledge of thirty odd years of folklore is poor, I think I got about eight question right with another eight almost and the rest where just guesses. During the lunch break there was an offer to attend a Belgian tournament. That one is on the cards for next year ;).

Round five Vs Rutger? Playing space wolves

The Wolves
1 Rune priest
3 long fang packs in razorbacks
1 pack of four thunder pups
3 grey hunters packs in rhinos
2 dreadnought.

Ork line out

Space Wolves
Rutger is Nico sparring partner and club mate both of us were in with a shot at the title so it should be interesting. The mission was capture the opponent’s objective. The table consisted of multiple tall hills 4”. I
wanted to treat them as impassable terrain for a battle in the Canyons. The Marines wanted to count them as 3” tall hills. In the end the hills were picked. The Orks won the roll off and opted to go first and deployed
evenly along the line with the kans and the Big Meks deploying in the centre. The Marines countered by deploying in the centre and refusing one flank (opposite a brown slugga mob).

Long Fangs take the heights

The marines stole the initiative, for their first time ever in a GT, there may have been a happy dance from the marines and a couple of high fives. Even worse the orks were tightly bunched up due to the canyon and facing fifteen missile launchers backed up by las/plas razorbacks. The opening volley was horrific, with a slugga mob forced to go to ground to stop being wiped out. In response the orks surged forward but were hampered by the canyon forcing them to stick together. The Brown slugga mob was out of place and opted for a long out flanking move not helped by rolling three two’s for three run moves. The kans tried to gun down some long fangs and killed a few.

The Marines continued to pour in fire. The thunder wolves assaulted a shoota mob that had pushed too far forward and reduced it to six boyz. Two kan mobs came to the rescue killing two wolves and forcing the rest to flee. The other slugga mob fired rockets at the nearby close combat dreadnought and were rewarded with blowing off his dreadnought arm.

The marines switch fire and destroyed five of the six kans. The undamaged dread assaulted the brown slugga mob as it was finally arriving. The damaged dread assaulted and destroyed the last kan from the two mobs. The remaining boyz pushed forward one mob fell back to cover the ork objective.

The slugga mob trapped in combat with the dreadnought managed to destroy it and swept forward 6”. Under fire the Orks Waaagh the now free mob managed to waaagh inches to get assaults into a long fang squad guarding the marine’s objective and two rhino one had a rune priest while the other had a ten man pack of marines. The surviving shoota mob also waaagh six inches to threaten the marine’s objective. The slugga assaulted the long fangs and rhino. They had a “Micheal Caine” moment the long fangs were quickly dealt with but the plan for the rhinos was only to stun them so the boyz could lap round to block the doors. Instead the marine rhino was destroyed leaving ten marines active and ready to fight. But the Ork did get into contest range of the marine objective.

The marines counter attacked with the freed squad assaulting and pulling the slugga mob of the marine’s objective. The thunder wolves and another pack of marines engaged the advancing shoota mob. Both combats where won by the marines but the orks had the numbers to stick around. The unengaged boyz fired rockets in support and were rewarded with destroying the second marines dreadnought. The combats dragged on with the shoota mob coming out badly again while the slugga mob started to trash the marines. Under pressure the marines attacked with the rune priest with long fangs moving to support. The Marines lost the combat and the run priest opted to run away however the consolidation move was not enough to bring the boyz back in to contest range on the marine’s objective. With that the game ended

Result; Draw 10-10

The Boyz ended with three wins and two draws, Nico went on to win the event. The Dutch GT met expectations. Being Dutch it was different. The best general was game score plus sportmanship score. The missions were a bit weird but could be challenging. the terrain was good, the players and craic was excellent. Ironically it is easier to get to from Ireland than from neighbouring Germany. Hopefully, the Dutch will throw down for the ETC next year they are good fun to play. Tilburg is a great town. Being a student town the night life is good plus the restaurants are decent (anything but pork at this stage).
More photos  here
Rules pack here

I though this was neat, a flickering LED in the the wreck marker

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