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Monday, November 7, 2011

PiP (40K); Gringo boyz

Finally finished the second mob of the new waaagh.  The frist mob was thirty boyz using maxmini  pirate heads to count as death skulls. nice but a bit to subtle.  This mob uses puppet wars  gringo Ork heads to count as Bad Moons. The conversion are louder probably because of the bigger hats.

Painting method (P= Plaskote GW= games workshop V=Vallejro)
  • Under coated in Plaskote grey
  • Orc skin painted in GW goblin green
  • Boots and clothes done using the GGB method (grey, green brown but out the green to not clash with the skin tone) for non uniform units.
  • Guns, armour  and grenades base coat V Gunmetal then a wet wash in GW bad moon yellow. once dired a final wet wash of V brick red.
  • Teeth and trophies painted in GW bone
  • The Sombros were painted in a couple of different shades of GW desert yellow
  • Once everything was dried the whole model was given a wash of V smoke

GGB method
How it works, pick a a shade of brown. On the frist model paint just the boots with the color on the second model paint just the trousers with the color and repeat for the rest of the unit. once every model has at less one item, and they can be the same item on different models, painted pick a different color and repeat the process. It make it possible to quickly paint large units of irregular units with it getting to tedious.

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