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Sunday, November 20, 2011

sitrep (40K); second battle of hamburg day two

Starting to run low

Round four Vs Denis

1 Lash prince
1 Tzeetnch prince
1 summoned greater daemon
1 5 man squad of veterans
2 5 man squads in rhino with icons
5 packs of 5 summoned daemon
3 squads of 2-3 obliterators
2 3 man terminator squad

Mission get into the opponent deployment zone. Scoring units counts double
Deployment: pitch battle

The defeat put the orks nine points behind the lead. The next round was against Denis, also fresh from ETC win with Germany. The mission of getting scoring unit into the enemy deployment zone. Which suited the marines with seven scoring units worth double points with five able to deep strike into position.


The marines deployed the obliterators, terminators and princes in the centre with rhino marines on either flank. The Orks replied by deploying the Kans up front supported by shoota mobs with two slugga mobs behind while the grots went as far away from the last as possible from the marine heavy stuff.

Choppa Vs terminator

The Marines when forward with the two rhino going flat out. Obliterators and terminators opened fire on the kans destroying one and damaging the others. The boyz opened fire on the rhino and missed with everything. The next turn saw the arrival of the daemon bomb with the greater daemon and three packs summoning near the kans. The lash prince fired and pulled one shoota mob into assault range. The daemons, princes, marines assaulted the kans and shootas boyz and inflicted a world of pain, not many boyz were left standing but there were boyz still standing which was important. In behind the shoota boys waited sixty happy choppa boyz The orks Waaagh and assaulted, two marine units were destroyed but the orks came of worse. In reponse more daemons were summoned and the oblilerators charged four. Four ork mobs the supporting Kans were in combat with the entire chaos marine army in a combat that stretched from one table edge to the other. The combat raged for four rounds. Obliterators dropped like flies but daemons with a 5+ save seemed indestructible.

royal rumble

The fifth mob finally arrived just in time to see the wall crumble. The combat had fragmented and one mob had taken all the obliterators, some terminators and some marines and was left on one table edge. While on the other table edge the rest of the mobs and kans were gone. Seeing the badly depleted daemon packs and marine squads the fifth mob surged forward. But failed its assault into difficult terrain and hit and destroyed a rhino. The Chaos marines assaulted back with everything it had in the area, two HQ’s two elites, four troop units. Over the next two rounds they destroyed the mob. Fustratingly while the mob killed models it could not destroy squads. All the marine units survived but six of them were down to one wound or model left. The most of the survivors counted double. Giving the chaos marines a health win.

Result, Defeat 16-4

Round five Vs Marian

Logan Grimnar
1 rune priest
4 squads of 8 grey hunters in rhinos
2 squads on long fangs
2 Dreadnoughts, one dakka and one assault
1 squad of Wolf guard, distributed among the squads with one cyclone
terminators operating independently.

A hill too far?

On the other side was the lair of the Great Wolf

Mission; capture the objectives. There were three objectives one in your deployment zone worth one point. One in the table centre worth two points and one in the enemy deployment zone worth four points.
Deployment; Spearhead

The German ETC team has cost me thirty out of forty points and any hopes of an event win. This round was against Marian, Kayu’s other clubmate using Kayu’s ETC list beefed up with Logan Grimnar and with some tactical advice from Kayu before the game started. The main feature of the table was a massive hill in the centre of the table which was good because it blocked line of site but really bad because it added an extra eighteen inches into the distance between the two armies.

The orks won the roll off and picked the side with the most cover to deny it to the Wolves. The Meks, Shoota boyz, Kans and grots opted to set-up with the choppa mobs in reserve. All of the wolves deployed in response. The orks surged forward but found movement slowed by the hill. The marines replied with frag missiles, since the kans were hidden, but with limited effect. Two choppa mobs arrived and ran forward behind the shoota boyz. The marines switched fire to the kans who were now visible destroying one and damaging another. The Orks kept pushing forward opting for distance over damage. The scouts arrived and targeted a kan mob destroying one. The Orks replied with the grots and surviving kan firing on the scouts killing two then assaulting the survivors who being wolves proceed to beat up the grots quite badly. The rest of the orks surged forward. The marines started to reform to prepare for the treat. Long fangs pummelled the kans. The shoota boyz opted to slow down and open fire decimating two grey hunter squads. While the choppa boyz moved in behind them. The third choppa mob arrived and moved passed the embattled grots ready to help them if they could not finish of the scouts. The Long Fangs Started to destroy the kans while the rest of the wolves exchanged fire with the shoota boyz.

Wolf scouts Vs grots 

The boyz opted to waaagh and four mobs hit the wolves lines. The marines counter attacked with Logan and friends while the rhinos sped forward to contest the centre objective. The combat raged for several turns with the marines eventually winning but not before losing the rune priest, a dreadnought and a couple of Grey hunter packs. One orc mob broke through but was hunted down by logan and friends and destroyed on the last turn to secure the marine object. The final Ork mob assaulted the rhinos, support by the surviving kans. The rhino were killed destroyed with the added bonus nothing exploded. The game end with the Orcs holding two objectives (their own and the centre) while the marines had inflicted more casualties.

Result; Draw 10-10

Overall the boyz finished in the top half of the pack. Hamburg still counts as my best venue in Germany at the moment. So much eye candy


more photos here

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