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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mission Critical (FOW); battle of Ogledow Poland 1944

By August 1944 the Russian 53rd Tank brigade supported by the 71st Guards heavy tank regiment captured the village of Ogledow expanding the Russian bridgehead across the Vistula. The seal breach the Germans committed the 16th panzer division supported by the 501st heavy tank battalion equipped with the new King Tiger tanks. As daz breaks the Germans begin their assault

Design notes
The battle of a Ogledow is based off Dave Brown's WWII eastern front scenarios book for battle group panzer grenadiers

Villages, and the farm count as buildings.
Hay Fields count as concealing terrain for infantry and open terrain for vechicles
Woods counts as concealing terrain for all units.


The Germans -attacking ( approx 2210 points)
1 armoured infantry company HQ, 2 panzerfaust command teams and 1 antitank section
2 armoured infantry platoons with command panzer faust and 2 squads
1 armoured heavy platoon, 2 MG section. 1 mortar section and 1 gun sections
1 armoured mortar platoon with 2 sections of 12cm mortars
1 heavy tank platoon with 2 king tigers
1 tank platoon with 3 PIV
1 tank platoon with 1 Panther
Limited air support-Hs 129B

The Russian Garrison -defending (approx 1240 points)
1 tank company commander in T34/85
1 tank company of T 34/76 with 2 tank platoons at full strength
1 tank company of T 34/85 with 2 tank platoons at minimum strength
1 mechanised infantry company with 2 platoons. 1 attached AT rifle platoon and 1 MG platoon
1 mechanised infantry mortar company with 2 platoons

Russian Delayed reserves (approx 1580 points)
Limited air support- IL-2 Shturmovik
1 guards heavy tank company with 2 platoons of IS-2s
1 guards heavy assault company with 1 platoon of ISU-152s
1 submachince gun company with two platoons

Special rules:
Bad day to be a King Tiger
Ogledon was one of the first battles with the new King Tiger tank. Rushed development, determined Russian resistance and bad terrain made for a bad début. The King Tigers treat all terrain as very rough going.

The Russian garrison deploys first and deploy any where north of the roads into Ogledow. Units may not start the game dug-in.
The Germans with 12” of the southern table edge.
The Russian delayed reserve arrive from the North road
Who goes first:
The Germans go first.

Game length:
The game last twelve turns or until one of the companies breaks contact

Victory conditions
There is only one objective, the village of Ogledan. Place an objective marker at the northern end of the village. At the end of the game which ever side holdes the objective is the winner. If the objective is contested by both sides then the Russian win. If either company break contact then the other side wins be default.

No photos of the battle for Ogledan yet but below are some of the photo of a re fight of the battle for Snoder river. This time with battle moved to the Western Front with British infantry trying to prevent my HG grenadiers from capturing a bridge some where in France. Both list were adjusted based on what the players could feild.

View from the British defences

View from the German starting line

British Mortar observer deploys a bit to far forward

Motorised scout platoon breaches the british frist line
With the rest of the company following quickly behind them

 End game the germans take control of the bridge after a furious assault which broke the british and nearly broke the germans. The dice represent pinned units ie everybody bar the Marders

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