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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dig in; Swamps

NWG 2012 is a fair bit away but considering over a dozen players have stepped up to the ABF challenge and pledge to raise an army to debut at the event.  It seems only fair the terrain standard gets raised a bit. Frist up is some swamps. The prototypes were made for NWG2011 but did not make it in time :(

3-5mm MDF
Masking tape
Basing sand

 1. Mark out the outline of the swamp on the MDF board.
2.Cut the MDF in irregular shapes.
 3.Use the masking tape to mark out the outline of the swamp or pond.
 4. Cut the Masking tape into irregular clumps where you want the pond to be. Remove the sections you do not want to be part of the swamp ie the banks and some islands.
 5.Paint glue around the ponds and base as normal.
 6.Once the basing material has dried paint a mottled (uneven) grey under coat.

7.Once the paint has dried based coat the ground Scorched earth
8. Once the Sorched earth dired highlight the ground with a off white light color eg pale yellow, cream, whatever.

 9.Once the highlight has dried removed the masking tape.
 10. Paint the pond the green or brown.

11. Once dried varnish the pond.

12. Use static gress amd clump foliage to break up the pond bank and hid any painting errors.
The swamps are designed scale neutral so can be used for FOW or 40K
Plus they are cheap to make so it is possible to produce in mass. 


Eoin said...

Great idea. Will be making some of these to fill out our terrain. I really like how it's very game system neutral as well.

ItsPug said...

If you're making terrain I would suggest more water features, rivers, lakes, swamps etc. I've rarely seen them at tournaments, its always hills, ruins and the odd group of trees or rocks

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