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Sunday, November 13, 2011

sitrep (40K); The second battle for Hamburg

 1850 pts forgeworld friendly, in possibly the best club venue in Europe? Game on, the boyz are off to Hamburg from North Guard challenge fiftheen.

Steffan playing chaos marines
2 daemon princes mark of Khorne
1 Dreadnought
2 squads of 7 plague marines in rhinos
1 squad of Khorne berserkers in a rhino
2 squads of terminators, one deep striking one in the landraider

The mission was to secure five objectives spread around the table. The deployment was spearhead.

Chaos deployment

Ork deployment

Orks got to go first. The Big Meks and shoota mobs supported by kans deployed behind two slugga mobs. The grots deployed ready to seize to nearby objectives with support from a kan mob. One slugga mob went in reserve. In response the chaos marines deployed everything except the deep striking terminators, with rhino hiding behind the landraider and defiler.

The Orks spread forward seizing several objective. The Khorne reacted aggressively with the landraiders moving forward and its terminators multi assaulting two slugga mobs and winning the combat. A daemon prince and the khorne berserkers opted to try an out flank on the wrong flank

Slugga mob gets the drop on out flankers

The reserve slugga mob duly arrived and Waaaghed to get an assault on the daemon prince and the berserkers in their rhino and mob of kans moved to support. The shoota boys opened fire and destroyed the battler cannon of the defiler. In combat the slugga boyz finished off the terminators while the kans and the fresh slugga mob destroyed a rhino and a daemons prince.
Unperturbed the chaos marines launched another assault at the approaching horde. The Daemon prince, defiler, dreadnought and now exposed khorne berserkers all assaulted. But the attack were not co-ordinated with each unit attacking mobs the results was wins for chaos but none of the mobs broke and more boyz were moved into combat. The next turn saw two mobs of kans assault and destroy the land raider. While the boyz in combat destroyed all chaos marine units losing over thirty boyz to vehicle explosions. By turn four the chaos marines were reduced to two squads of plague bearers in rhinos.
By this stage the boyz were well into the chaos table half and the remaining marines were quickly wiped out. In total about eighty boyz were lost.

Choppa's clear the last objective

Result; Win Orks 20-0

Patrick playing Tau
1 HQ crisis team with body guard
3 Crisis teams
3 broadside teams
3 Kroot squads
1 fire warrior team

The mission was to secure a single objective in the centre of the hill, The deployment was dawn of war.

Kroot evolution takes a strange turn

Orks got to go first and two shoota mobs with a Big Mek deployed up front to deny some ruins to the tau. Every thing else walked on. The replied with everything walk on with the exception of two large Kroot packs. The horde moved forward with a slugga mob covering each flank. Everybody seemed lazy and nobody ran more than two inches except the grots who were behind everybody and could not use the extra move.
The tau arrived and opened fire blasting the crap out of a shoota mob with a painful reminder of what their shooting phase was capable of. Elsewhere, broadside teams ignored the affects of night fighting to blast several kans apart.
The slightly worried orks pushed forward using the left overs of the shoota mob as a shield. Again the running was slow except for the grots who where not suppose to go anywhere.


The Tau were reinforced with a Kroot pack who went after a flanking slugga mob. The crisis team finished of the shielding shoota mob and redeployed to go after the next wave of orks. The Kroot shoot up the slugga mob but opted not to assault. The slugga mob returned fire then charged into the woods to finish the job. The other shoota mob got promoted to shield duty and pushed forward screening the boyz behind it. The Tau were reinforced by the last Kroot pack who went after the deleted slugga mob in the woods. The tau opened fire on the shield mob and reduced it to ten models which were then assaulted by the tau HQ squad. The orks held but barely. Final it was the orks turn to strike back. One kan mob assaulted in to support the shoota mob. A slugga mob got the drop on a crisis team and swept forward. The kans and shoota boyz saw off the HQ while the slugga mob stuck in combat with a single suit. 

Take the high ground

The Kroot assaulted in to support the suit and were destroyed along with the suit. The rest of the Tau opened fire on the shoota mob reducing it to two models. The single slugga mob opted to assault the remain crisis teams, fire warriors and broadsides. Not one for finesse the mob hammered the lot causing them to flee or be destroyed. The game ended with the orks firmly in control of the centre.

getz sum, Orks finallz make contact.

Result; win Orks 18-2

Kayu playing Marines
1 librarian
1 five assault terminator squad
3 ten man tactical squads with razorbacks
1 redeemer land raider
2 dreads (one dakka and one snippy)
1 Techmarine with thunder fire cannon
2 tornado speeders
1 five man scout team

The mission was to secure table quarters. The deployment was spearhead.


Thirty eight points put the boyz on to table one. Their opponents were marines, led Kayu fresh from his ETC win with team Germany.

The table was covered in terrain which limited the Orks movement but had little effect on the thunder cannon or redeemer's flamers. The Orks got to go first and opted to deny the strongest table quarter from the marines Two shoota mobs, two kans mobs with Big Meks and grots in support opted to deploy. The rest went into reserve.
The Marines replied by fortifying the largest piece of terrain in their deployment then sticking two combat squads and the Techmarine with cannon in it. The rest of the army deployed around the terrain. The Orks rolled forward. The grots seized a nearby table quarter while a shoota mob seized another. The rest moved to support either unit. The marines replied by contesting the two zones with the landraider with terminators moving towards the grots. The other squad open fire with missile destroying dreadnought weapons and killing several shoota boyz.
One Ork mob rolled on as reinforcements opposite the marine fortified position. The grots and boyz drew back from the land raider. The other shoota mob edge forward. A sneak rocket attack killed the Techmarine and took the thunder fire cannon out of play. The marines rolled forward with heavy missile fire in support more shoota boyz were killed while more kans suffered several weapon destroyed, always the dreadnought close combat weapon.

Purple marines

Another slugga mob and a kan mob entered the fray opposite the marines. Rockets and big shootas opened up on the speeders trying to deny the option of turbo boosting later in the battle, but had no effect. The redeemer rolled forward and flamed the shoota boyz while the newly arrived mobs were target by sustained missile attack. In reply the final Ork mob rolled on. The boyz opted to Waaagh one shoota mob assaulted the fortified marine post while the other assaulted the redeemer support by the grots and the kans. The kans and grots rolled badly and failed to block the path of the redeemer while the nob failed to damage it. The other shoota mob had better success and forced a way into the marines deployment zone.
The marines scouts arrived and opted to deploy close to the slugga mob. Realising their was something amiss. The Ork gods :) opted to recheck the mission criteria sure enough there was a twist to the mission. Only scoring units could claim or contest objectives this meant the speeder treat was less trouble some but two of the six scoring units were in serious trouble and none of the units were in a position to contest all quarters. The marines maintained the pressure. The terminators, librarian and redeemer destroyed the grots, a slugga mob and a big Mek. Missile fire made a mess of the kans . The Orks replied by destroying the scouts. For the rest of the game the orks desperately tried to push forward to contest all the quarters but the marines broke contact to secure one zone and contest the rest.

Result. Ork defeat 14-6

Daemunz, again.

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