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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mission Critical(FOW); Battle of Rauray France 1944

Still recovering from Operation Epsom the Germans committed the 9th and 10th Panzer grenadiers to recapture Rauray to recover the lost ground. Opposing them was the 1st Tyneside Scottish with support from the 24th Lancers.

Design note; Based off Dave Brown’s Battles for the west scenario book for battlegroup panzer grenadier. (Pretty handy if you need inspiration for a FOW battle on the western side)

Fields count as concealing terrain for infantry and open terrain for vehicles.
Woods count as concealing terrain for infantry and impassable terrain for vehicles.
Rauray counts as concealing terrain for all units.
Roads count as open ground.

The Forces
Germans” Kampfgruppe Weidinger” –attacking

Armoured infantry Company command with command panzerfaust
2 armoured infantry platoons with command panzerfaust and 3  sections
1 armoured infantry platoons with command panzerfaust , 3  sections
and attached Antitank section.
1 Armoured pioneer section with command panzerfaust , 2  sections and
2 flame throwers
1 Armoured cannon platoon with 1 section
1 armoured Mortar platoon with 2 sections
1 tank platoon with 4 PiV
1 tank platoon with 3 Panthers

British- “1st Tyneside Scottish”-defending
1 Rifle company command
3 rifle platoons with 3 sections
1 Mortar platoon with 2 sections
1 Antitank platoon platoon with 2 sections (see Surprise special rules)
1 MG platoon with 1 section

British “24th Lancers” delayed reinforcement (roll randomly for unit deployment)
1 Tank company command
2 tank platoons with 3 shermans
1 Anti tank platoon (SP) with 2 M10s

Special rules;
1) Surprise
The British Anti tank platoon can start the game in ambush.

Who goes first
The Germans go first

Game length
The game lasts 12 turns or until either the 1st Tyneside Scottish or Kampfgruppe Weidinger break contact

Victory conditions;
There is only one objective in this game that is the village of Rauray. Whoever controls the objective at the  end of the game is the winner. In the event of a draw the British win.

There was one re-fight of the battle for Rauray. Initially it looked like a German total win. The panzers and grenadiers operating as a team swiftly over ran the British outer perimeter with no losses.However, when they made it to the edge of the town they hit trouble. The 24th Lancers put in an appearance and started to shoot-up the half tracks while the Antitank platoon opted to ambush the PiVs, destroying two and ,seemingly, permanently bailing out the rest of the platoon. The German pioneers frist assualt on the town was pinned by defensive fire then decimated by HMG teams. In the end it took nearly the entire Kampfgruppe to clear the village. All the time watching the tanks of the 24th lancers getting closer and closer.

Kampfgruppe Weidinger

 British deployment- 1 platoon in the village

 British deployment- 1 platoon in the Wood

 German armour rolls on

 Halftracks shelter behind the hill screened by Panthers

 PiV and halftracks steam roller of the British first line of defence in the hay fields

 Grenadiers clear the wood then launch an assault into Rauray

 PiV and pioneers assualt the town.

 Britsh armour finally makes an appearance

M10s line up shots on half tracks

Anti tank guns also put in an appearance targeting the PiV 

PiVs try to out flank the british anti tank guns

Half tracks take fire from supporting shermans. 

Half tracks and Tank destroyers do not mix well

PiV Outflank move does not go as planned. But the grenadiers clear out the last of the defenders

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