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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dig in (40K); Edible Terrain

Not really. more a what to do with food containers after they have emptied during Christmas. Frist up – Pringle’s 

I am not sure what gamers would do with pringles possible starve, more likely be stuck for something to use to fuel tanks and storage silos. Below is how to guide for some fuel silos made from pringles tube. For a twist and to make more line of site blocking terrain the fuel silo are horizontal rather than up right.  

Pringles tube
2 Pringles tube lids
Foam card
Plastic straw or hollow rod about 1cm long

1 ) Glue the two lids to either end of the tube

2) Drill or cut a small hole for the rod in the lid at the bottom of the tube and
Glue the rod to the bottom of the tube.

Silo mount (needed to stop the silo from rolling every where)
1) Cut out a foam card section the length and width of the tube for base.

2)Cut out some mounts for the tube from the foamcard,


1) paint the base and silo separately
2) paint the base grey and undercoat the silo metal. I used plasticote silver finish.

3) (optional) Spray the silo with hair spray and sprinkle with large scatter, small pebbles etc, then allow to dry.

4) Spray the silo Brick red or any red brown color and allow to dry.

5) Use an old toothbrush and brush off  scatter material.

6) (more options) Alternatively light spray red brown unevenly on to the silo

7) Glue the mounts to the base and once dried glue the tube to the mounts.

Side by side

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