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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sitrep (40K): The battle for Tilburg aka the Dutch GT 2011

“You got to follow the GTs” a crazed Ziwi once said.  The Dutch GT has the added advantage of being run in English so less like to have a lost in translation error.   The rules pack is a bit thick at 26 pages, with hundred points of games and seventy points for “soft” scores   including a dread quiz, (What is the emperor's middle name?, kind of thing).  Still worth a " you got to follow the GTs".

So the green tide was off again to foreign fields.

The Green tide at 1750 points
HQ1: "Son of Gork" 1 Big Mek (35) kustom force field (50) cybork body (10) [95 pts]
HQ2: "Son of Mork" 1 Big Mek (35) kustom force field (50) cybork body (10) [95 pts]
Troop1: "Red uns" 30 Boyz (30x6, shootas) rocketx3 (30) Nob (10) power klaw (25) bosspole (5) [250 pts]
Troop2: "Blue uns"  30 Boyz (30x6, shootas) rocketx3 (30) Nob (10) power klaw (25) bosspole (5) [250 pts]
Troop3: "Greeen uns"  30 Boyz (30x6, sluggas) rocketx2 (20) Nob (10) power klaw (25) bosspole (5) [240 pts]
Troop4: "snazzy uns"  30 Boyz (30x6, sluggas) rockets2 (20) Nob (10) power klaw (25) bosspole (5) [240 pts]
Troop5: "wild uns"  30 Boyz (30x6, sluggas)  Nob (10) power klaw (25) bosspole (5) [220 pts]
HS1: 3 Killa Kans (3x35) 3x big shoota (3x5) [120 pts]
HS2: 3 Killa Kans (3x35) 3x big shoota (3x5) [120 pts]
HS3: 3 Killa Kans (3x35) 3x big shoota (3x5) [120 pts] 

No major changes, the slugga boyz loss 5 rockets from the Prague pillage.

Round one Vs Marines played by Sam Williams
The enemy:
1 librarian
1 squad 5 terminators hammer and shield
1 Land raider
1 squad 5 Vets with 2 meltas/2 combi meltas in a drop pod
1 squad 5 Vets with 2 H flamers/ 2 combi flamers in a drop pod
1 squad 10 scouts with Teflon, sniper rifles and rocket
1 squad 5 scouts with sergeant and power fist
1 squad 10 scouts with shotguns on a land speeder storm
1 squadron 1 land speeder melta/flamer
1 squadron 1 land speeder melta/flamer

The Orks won the roll of and opted to go first, forcing the marines into an empty table corner.  Fearing flamer drop pods the boyz spread very evenly across their deployment zone. Two Big Meks with two shoota mobs, two kan mob and one slugga mob was all that could fit in the zone with the rest of the army going in reserve.  The marines responded by out flanking with the small scout squad while the rest of the army set-up hiding behind the land raider. 

Orks deploy

The Orks moved off spreading out to minimize flamer casualties and protect the kans from melta attack. The Marines reacted with the flamer pod deep striking near a shoota mob.  All available marines units opened fire and killed twenty six of thirty boy mob.  While the landraider moved to engage the other shoota mob.
Ork reinforcements arrived in the shape of a slugga and a kan mobs.  The rest of the boyz moved to engage the marines.  The kans opened fire and immobilized the land speeder storm. The depleted shoota mob with just three rockets and a nobz opened fire on the flaming marines and killed mob.  The rest of the marines were buried under a tide of boyz and kans. For go measure, one of the kans destroyed the pod. 

Orks engage Stern guard  

The out flanking marines scout failed to make an appearance but the melta vets land near a kan mob.  The landraider moved and debussed Vulkcan and the terminators ready to assault to the second shoota mob.  The thin the ranks the marines opened fire and killed all the orks in assault range . The speeders shuffled forward and flamed a few orks. The melta vets opened fire and destroyed two of the three kans with kustom force feild saving some of the shots.

Vulkcan's last stand

The Orks went Waaagh. Vulkcan and the terminators went down to a hail of choppas and shootas. The melta vets and their pod also when under choppa.  One mob of kans moved after the land raider while the rest opened fire on the speeders immobilizing one.

Terminator trying to stop the green tide

With Vulkcan and the terminators down the marines tried to break contact. The landraider carrying the librarian immobilized itself right in front of the approaching kans.  There was limited shooting as Teflon and scouts still tried to get the marines first kill point.   The Orks kept up the pressure with the kans assault and destroying the landraider and the mobs down two land speeders.
The game end with the scout final killing a kan mob.  While the librarian get stuck in combat with a shoota mob.

Result: Win Orks 20-0

Round two Vs Eldar plazed Joe
The enemy
1 Farseer
5 Fire Dragons
5 Fire Dragons in a wave serpent
5 Dire avengers in a wave serpent
10 Dire Avengers in a wave serpent
10 Dire Avengers in a wave serpent
2 Fire prism
1 falcon


Eight highly mobile tanks with limited anti infantry payload vs the tide.  The Orks won the roll off and opted to go second. “Are you sure?” Joe asked very keen to go second for a last turn tank shock on to objective.  The Eldar deployed on the side with the most of the cover.  While the Orks were squeezed into their deployment zone. 

Tanks, lots of tanks,

Joe was nominated for best painted army probably due to some great free hand work and the transports are marked with the aspect of the troops they carried.

The opening shooting from the elder was heavy with the boyz being densely packed.  In return the boy sprinted forward more to spread out then capture any objectives.  The Eldar continued to fire blast weapons at the approaching mobs but the boyz were now better spread out and moving through cover. 

Guile vs the pile

Painstakingly the boyz moved through terrain towards the objectives all the time taking fire from the elder.      A cheap rocket attack succeeded in downing  the Fire Dragons wave serpent.
Running out of the time the Eldar turbo boosted on to objectives hoping for an early game end.  The orks replied by securing two of the objectives.  The game rolled on.

Contesting tanks

The game went into the death or glory phase with grav tanks trying multiple tank shocks to be countered by death or glory rocket armed boyz.  Most of the rocket boyz were killed but not before destroying two more grav tanks.  In response the Orcs assaulted the tanks that contested the objectives and were two shy of clearing all of the objectives.  The game end with two grav tanks contesting objectives while the boyz attempted to pummel them.

Non contesting tanks

Result Win Orks 16-4

Round Three Vs Brahme
Vulcan (again!)
2 predators with autocannon/lascannons
2 squadrons of two speeders with melta/flamer combo
3 tactical squads in rhinos with flamers
1 dakka dreadnought
1 close combat dreadnought

 The mission called for three objectives, One in the centre of each deployment zone and one in the table centre. The centre obective ended up on a massive pyramid that dominated the table. The Orks won the roll off and opt to go second. The plan being to refuse flank aganist the marines to limit their fire power. In the end refused flank did not seem to work with hundred and sixty one models.  The marines rushed forward to seiye the centre objective. The Speeders turbo boosted to get a cover save while the predators and dreadnoughts opened fire on the kans damaging and stunning a few. 

All terrain LAV

The Orks countered with a general advance.  The kans and a shoota mob destroyed a speeder and stunned two more. Every one else ran towards the pyramid.  Start of turn two the marines claimed the objective in their zone and the centre objective the active speeder burnt a few orks while the predators and dreadnoughts destroyed a few kans. Vulkcan and the marines guarding the centre objective opened fire and killed a dozen orks.

Hold fast

In reply the orks captured the objective in their zone.  A choppa mob attacked an speeder squadron failing to do damage and grouping up nicely for a flamer attacker.  A slugga mob assualted the pzramid but could not bring the numbers to bear to win combat and lost several orks due to fearless.  
The speeder squadron toasted the bunched up slugga mob causing them to flee.   A dreadnought and tactical squad assualted the orks on the pyramid to help vulkan.  While the marine transport moved to block the other mobs advancing on the pyramid.  The marines won the combat for the pyramid reducing the slugga mob to a few models which fearlessly hung on.

Hand of Gork claims a marine

Another ork slugga mob joined the assault to the pyramids while the shoota mobs finished of the speeders.  The kans all ran to suport the battle for the pyramid.
The second marine dreadnought assaulted a shoota mob to pin it in combat. While the predators tried to whittled the kans down to three active models.  The battle for the pyramid raged on with Vulkcan's troops putting up a stubborn resistance to draw combat.  With time running out the knas and the second shoota mob all charged into combat final destroying the defenders.  The shoota mob fighting the dreadnought got a luck hit and destroyed it.  In the last turn the orks claimed all the objective to claim a win.

Kings of the hill

Result; Ork Win 20-0

Day one had ended with the orks on 56 out of 60 points but tomorrow was the dreaded quiz and even worse... 


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