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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sitrep (40K); Absinthe without leave, battle for Prague pt2

Round three b (or who is tougher Orks or Ogryns)
Primary Mission: Annilation
Secondary none
Deployment: Pitched battle
The enemy; Vit playing Imperial Guard
The army:
Commissar lord
1 squad or 10 Ogryns
2 Vendettas
4 squads of ten vets in chimeras
2 squads of hyrdas

After day one we went to nearby restaurant that does the best steak in Prague with the longest wait timing to go with it. Vit's nickname is the Mad Hampster. he is a bit crazy and was convinced Ogryns could take on the green tide. There was only one to settle this so back to the venue

The green tide won the roll off and opted to go first with two shoota mobs and a big mek opting to go up front with the rest opting to roll on. The Mad Hamster opted delploy a single squad of vets then steal the initiative and roll everything on. A hail of bullets killed hail a dozen orks, return fire took a out a couple of tree, scratched some paint work but that was about it.
The deployed vets opted to suicide themselves to take out a squad of killa kans which approaching the ogryns led by the Commissar Lord. Elsewhere the guard opened fire on the kans trying to remove the instant ogryn death weapons, some kans where destoyed but by and large they where intact.
The orks responded by attacking the vets and their chimera, the vets went down fast but the chimera exploded and took out half the mob. Mean while the boyz opened fire and down a vendetta.

The ogryns pushed forward and fired ogryns their rippa guns decimating a shoota mob. The nearest kan mob got hit with everything available and lost a kan while the other two mobs were destroyed.
The Kans went into the Ogryns killing two with the commissar lord passing both his invulnerable saves. The guard responded by moving into range flaming the closing orks. The ogyrns pulled the arm off on the killa kans..
The Orks waaaghed. hitting pretty much everything in the guard army. A slugga mob hit the Ogyrns, killing the Commissar lord and wounding an ogryns while the kans missed with everything. The respond the Ogryns also missed with pretty everything. To make it worse they failed their leadership test and tried to flee only to be ran down by the boyz.

Orks Vs Ogryns

With that the Mad Hampster conceded that orcs were tougher than Ogryns, complaining killa kans and unsporting orks :)

Round Four
Primary Mission: capture and control (multi objectives)
Secondary Kill points
Deployment: Pitched battle
The enemy; Jan playing Marines
The army:
1 Chaplain
1 librarian
1 tech marine with thunderfire cannon
1 squad of devastators with 4 missile launchers
1 squad of 5 terminators with Hammer and shield
1 squad of five marines in razorback with las/plas
1 squad of marines ten marines in two combat squads one with lascannon
1 predator with auto cannon and lascannons
1 typhoon speeder
1 attack bike squad with 2 bikes
1 rifle dread
1 ironclad dread in a pod

The green tide won the roll off and opted to go first with two slugga mobs up front with a big mek. The marines responded with some combat squads deployed near objectives. The marines then stole the initiative. The Ironclad arrived near a slugga mob while the rest of the marines walked or ran into place.
In reply all the orks rolled on ran forward. The big mek left the slugga mob to join the other mob further from the ironclad. The other slugga mob then went for the iron clad ripping off its hammer and loosing a few boyz in return.
The Marines replied with the chaplain leading a combat squad and the bikes into an assault to support the dread. Most of the boyz were kiled but enough survived to pin the squads. The Thunderfire cannon lived up to its name mauling the other slugga mob. The anti weapons went hunting kans with little effect.

Orks and terminators face off

The Orks opted to Waaagh, a shoota mob joined the melee with the iron clad while the damaged slugga mob assaulted a nearby combat squad. One marine survived and fled but the mob rolled badly for its free move, elsewhere the Chaplain suffered a fatal klaw to the face while his squad was destroyed and the bikes opted to flee.
The bunched up mob of slugga boyz was to good a target to miss the thunderfire cannon fired and reduced the mob to a single wounded Nob. Elsewhere the anti tank guns where beginning to make their presence felt destroying three kans and badly damaging a few more. The attack bikes moved into position to finished a kan squad but failed to damage leaving it open to attack by a weaponless kan. The Ironclad finished off the first slugga mob but stayed locked in combat with the newly arrived shootas. The Liberian opted to gate and moved a scoring unit on to an uncontested objective while the terminators closed on the wound nob.

Ironclad vs Power klaw

A slugga mob assault the drop pod to get an extra few inches of movement. The result was a weapon destroyed drop pod and a badly grouped up mob of Orks. The armless kan wounded the bikes who predictable ran away leaving the kan to go after the now scoring combat squad. Elsewhere the last kan mob sited the sole survivor from a marine combat squad and gunned him down.
Again the grouped up mob was to tempting a target to miss for the thunderfire cannon this time there no survivors including a big mek. The anti tank weapons now started to fire at the wounded nob who went to ground to stay alive. The Ironclad finally was destroyed, freeing up the shoota mob to go after the scoring marine squad. The combat squad was assaulted by the armless kan but quickly destroyed it with krak grenades while. The terminators got in an assault on the last kan mob.
The orcs respond by blowing up the drop pod and moving to recapture the marine held objective. The kans and terminator when into each with the kans coming out the worst for it. The libarian left the scoring squad and moved to block the advancing green tide. The thunderfire cannon fired on the threatening mob killing several. But this turned out to be a mistake because al the casualties took the librarian out of assault range preventing him from pinning the squad.
In the final turn the orks assaulted the scoing unit destroying their transport and leaving sole survivor contesting the objective. The marines respond by turbo boosting the landspeeder into cover(????) to contest the Ork held objective.

Result Win Ork 14-6

Round five
Primary Mission: capture and control (two objectives)
Secondary Kill points
Deployment: pitch battle
The enemy; James playing Chaos marines
The army:
2 sorcerers with lash
2 squads of 5 hurgel marines
2 squads of three Obliterators
2 squads of ten marines in rhinos
1 predator

Green on Green action

The final round had the orks in eighth place with a possible top three finish if they could get a good result. The final game was against double lash. To make it more interesting the lashes were on the sorcerers hidden in units so the boyz could not snipe them early in the game.
The green tide won the roll off and opted to go first The orks were spread evenly across the deployment not knowing where the marines might go. Strangely the marines abandoned their flag opting instead to bunker up in one corner.

So games are an absolute treat to play with Orks and unfortunately for James this was one of them. The boyz surged forward the lashes fired and group the boyz tightly but the obliterators failed to deliver. By turn three the boyz hit the castle. The first wave consisting of a single badly damaged mob faired badly and was cut down, But that was just the first wave in turn three slugga mobs backed up by two kans hit the castle and it was carnage. Marines killed dozens of boyz but the was always more. On turn five the castle collapsed and marines were forced to fight in isolated pockets. By turn six the marines were down to a single immobilised and weaponless predator locked in combat with a power klaw nob. The game ended before the noby could strike the death blow to the marine army. The highlight of the game was when a shoota mob managed to congo line across the table to claim both flags while the slugga mobz beat up the marines.

Orks congo to capture two flags very snazzy

result. Win Orks 19-1

When the dust had settled the orks had came fourth in battle and overall. The main losses were driven by missing a game and not getting the army scored for painting. The ref doing to painting scores called over while the mobs were in transit, ie boxes, and not being able to see the models their score was not too impressive. Overall great craic the czech were good fun to play. Rumour has it of a Czech tournament with a cash prize of 500 euro. Tempting but I think it might just bring out the worst in players but then again 500 euro to play 40K?

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