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Sunday, October 16, 2011

WiP (40K), Nice kans

Ominous portents from the Eagles Nest. Increased numbers on DHL packs arriving, orders for more plastic card and green paint, mutterings of “needz more rivets” points to new Waaagh.

First up is the forged world units in assemble is the scheisse panzer skaudron. Also in assemble is “Da beast” with “da uver beast” still in its box.

The frist beast "as is", the next one will get a bit more converting

The armour is being supported by cheap Mexican labour made from puppet wars Mexican heads and GW bodies. A second mob of Wild boyz is also in the works just waiting for some maxmini feral heads to arrive.  The plan is to try to get the Waaagh ready for Hamburg in November.

Via Dakka
 Wild Unz

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