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Monday, October 10, 2011

Sitrep (40K); Absinthe without leave, battle for Prague

Prague is the nearest capital city to the Eagle's Nest. Sooner or later it was going to have a 40K event and sooner or later I was going to hear about it. Vit from the Czech ETC team sent on the details with just enough time to arrange a trip. So the green tide was off to Prague. 

 The event is 1800 points. 50 points less than I am use to but still worth a go.

The green tide
2 Big meks with Curva mak'as and cybork bits
3 kan mobs each with three kans with big shootas
3 mobs each with 30 boyz, 3 rockets, sluggas, nob with klaw and pole
2 mobs each with 30 boyz, 3 rockets, shootas, nob with klaw and pole

The venue

round one:
Mission; Rescue the Sea witch
£%$” An odd number of players meant I got the bye buster. Vit offered to switch but that meant he would miss a game which did not seem fair either. None of the refs had a bye buster army so default draw. To pass the time the head ref, victor set up a battle of dread fleet between his helper monkey , John, and me. I drew the Grand Alliance fleet and was given one ship with orders to rescue another, the Sea witch. Not a good start further challenged by the fact My ship was the only active ship in play meant I got hit with pretty every sea monster going. I free the Sea witch but the game end before she could make good her escape. Nice intro to a pretty interesting game.

Results: loss, possible further hit to the wallet

Round two
Primary Mission: Annihilation Kill points
Secondary; capture and control (multi objectives)
Deployment: Pitched battle
The enemy; Mirck playing Great knights
The army:
Grand Morkar (ghost dude)
Inquisitor lord in terminator army with fancy cannon
2 squads of 10 terminator with all the trimmings
2 Dread knights.

Ork line up

The green tide won the roll off and opted to go first, it spread out evenly across the deployment zone with the shootas boyz screening the slugga boyz while the kans and big meks deployed in the centre. The knights replied by deploying in one corner to minimise the number of Orks mobs they were facing.
The Green tide opted to move and run, moving 9-12” to the knights intent on doing some damage. The Knights replied by decimating one of the shootas mobs. The orks replied by falling in behind the advancing kans while the decimated mob opted to secure a near objective out of storm bolter range. The orks moved slower this turn but still closed the gap.

Grey knights

The grey knights replied by switching fire to the Kans with considerable less success. Turn three saw the boyz getting into weapons range Kans and shootas opened up on Mordrak and were rewarded with knocking of two his wounds. The knights had a bad habit of allocating wounds to their grand master in the hope of getting extra terminators. The extra knights arrived but the cost was soon to to haunt the Grand Master. With the orks begin to arrive the Knights went on the offensive. Storm bolters and pyshic cannons opened fire damaging kans and killing a few orks. The terminators prepared for an assault. Mordrak attempted hammer hand but suffered perils of the warp and was slain. To add insult to injury his retinue of ghost knights were also removed. The loss of Mordrak ended the knights phase with the rest of the units being out of range.
Sensing weakness the orcs close in. One mob got the hop on the inquisitor lord who had join a squad of terminators. The lord was slain but the boyz got pummelled by the terminators. Elsewhere the knights fought back. A mob of killa kans was destroyed by a dread knight. While the hiding shoota mob was finished off by the second terminator squad.
The boyz destroyed another dread knight but lost a mob in return. The game ended tied on kill points with the orks holding most of the objectives with less than 250 vp in the difference. Annoyingly, Mordark's retinue of ghost knights did not concede a kill point.

Result 12-8 to the boyz

Knights engaging the green tide

Round three
Primary Mission: capture (single objective)
Secondary capture and control (multi objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead
The enemy; Phillip playing Chaos marines
The army:
2 Daemon princes one with lash
3 squads of obliterators
1 squad of 3 terminator
3 squads of marines in rhinos
1 squad of 12 berserkers in a land raider

Ork second line

The green tide won the roll off and opted to go first. Kans screened the shoota boyz who screened the slugga boyz with the big meks opting to go with the shootas. In response the traitor marines deployed far back with the terminators opting for deep strike.

Chaos Marines deploy

The orks moved forward more cautiously this time with every rocket and big shoota pointed a the lash prince. By the time they had finished firing all that was left was a very amused and undamaged prince. The traitors responded by lashing a shoota mob into plasma cannon range and destroyed half the squad while the other obliterators and lascannons from the landraider destroyed a now exposed kan mob. The Orks again edge forward, another full round of shooting was rewarded with a single wound on the prince.

No Ork mob likes seeing lash princes on the table

 The lash fired again draw ing the damaged mob into flamers range of the obliterators while the berserkers and a squad of marines went after one of the approaching mobs. The obliterators again decimated the shootas boyz who thankfully decided to stick around. Else where lascannons fired on the kans destroying a few. The berserkers hit hard nearly destroying a mob in a single turn but fortunately enough survived to pin them in place. The orks opted to Waaagh The pinned berserkers and their supporting marines suffered attention from two slugga mobs and some kans while the badly damaged shoota mob went for pay back on the prince. The other prince went down in a hail shoota fire. All of the marine units survived the combats leaving the orks locked in place and the obliterators and land raiders with no targets
One squad of scoring marines sneaked in to claim an objective. The surviving berserkers and friends final went down under a hail of choppas with the orks moving after the obliterators. The lash prince also went down to a klaw to the face.
About to be swamped the marines broke formation the land raider opted to move to contest a near by objective but found its path blocked by kans. Obliterators switched to flamer and cleansed a mob while another went after a mob to contest another objective or more likely to try and pull the garrison mob away from the three objectives it controlled. The terminators tried to put in a appearance but suffered a mishap and ended to far away to do anything useful. The game ended with land raider trapped in a wall of kans while one mob of obliterators was destroyed and another was pinned in combat.

Result: win 17-3

 Renegade Guard (mantic ghouls or zombies I think)

Next game who is tougher Orks or Ogryns?

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