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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PiP (FOW); Russian infantry and German panzers

One of the cool finds from the 5 nations visit was that the new ww11 15mm manufacturer was stocked at firestorm games. forged in battle offers a smaller range than battlefront with similar quality but slightly cheaper. I liked the hollow turrets which I assume are cheap to make since they use less material and some of the savings can be passed on to me.

paint method for the Russian infantry;
The Base;
The base was cut from plastic card
Another strip on plastic card was glued perpendicular to the base.
The strip was coated in PVA glue and small Kitty litter was pressed into it.
Once dried the Kitty litter was recoated in PVA glue.
The whole base was sprayed black.
The stone wall (previously just Kitty litter) was dry brushed GW fortress grey.
After the figures had been painted separately (see below) they were glued to the base.
The gaps were filled with Ronseal plastic wood filler,
While it was drying some more kitty litter was sprinkled on to the base.
Once the filler was dry the new Kitty litter was painted fortress grey.
Dark green flock was PVA'd onto the base and when dry was washed in watered down PVA.

The Infantry;
The figures were glued to lollypop sticks and undercoated army painter Bestial Brown.
The tunics and leggings were painted V. Russian uniforms.
The Guns and other wooden bits were painted GW bestial Brown.
The flesh was painted V. Flat Flesh
Boots and belts were painted GW Chaos Black
LMG, SMG and metal parts were painted V. Gun Metal
Pouches, back packs, bread bags were painted a mixture if V. Green Ohrce, GW Bleached Bone and V. Khaki. The bigger the mix the more irregular looking the unit which can indicate they could be veterans or raw troops.
The infantry were coated with Army Painter Medium Tone and once it has dried they were spray varnished.
They were then removed from the sticks and glued to their base.
Once the wood filler was applied and dry. the infantry individual bases were painted GW Scorched Earth to blend into the main base

Painting method for Tigers and Panthers;
Barrels and hatches were glued to the turrets.
The tanks was undercoated FOW German Yellow
They were then base coated V. Middlestone.
Patches of V. Reflective Green and V. Chocolate Brown were painted irregularly on the tanks.
Once dried the tanks were dry brushed V Middlestone again.
The tracks were painted V Cavalry Red followed by a dry brush of V gun metal followed by a wet wash on GW Chaos Black.
The crew were painted GW black with the flesh painted V flat flesh. their helmets and gear was painted V. German Grey.
The wooden parts of the tanks were painted GW Bestial Brown, The metal parts were painted either V Gun Metal or GW Tin Bitz.
The decals are from Dom' decals ,they were applied wet to the tanks and once dried they were coated in GW gloss varnish.
All the tanks were coated in army painter medium tone and then sprayed matt varnish once the tone had dried.

Forged in battle (left) Vs Battlefront (right)

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