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Sunday, June 6, 2010

PIP (40k); Worldeaters

The Badass PDF is getting its ass kicked in the Badab campaign. Mainly due to an inability not to get slaughter in close combat rectify this there is only one of the Dark powers that need to called on.

Worldeaters, when you absolute positivity have to kill every mo'fo' on the board except no substitute.

The Worldeaters are made from the GW khorne beserkers kit with add ons from the forgeworld worldeaters set

Paint method
-The models were primed army painter blood red.
- They were then base coated GW blood red.
- The weapons were painted red brown (Vallejo cavalry red) and when dried stipled gun metal (Vallejo gun metal)
- The armour borders and weapon hilts were painted brass (GW brass)
- The connections between the armour was painted GW tin bitz
- The horns and skulls were painted Bone (GW bleached bone)
- The skin was paint flesh (Vallejo flat flesh)
- The worlds on the shoulder pads and belt buckles* was painted blue (GW enchanted blue) and when dried patches were painted green (GW snotling green).
- The eyes were painted green.
- The whole model was given a wash in army painter medium tone and once dried was sprayed by an anti shine varnish
- The eyes were repainted in a gloss coat to make them shine.

* got to love the details on the forge world kits

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