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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sit Rep (40K); Badab campaign; battles for Relay Ridge and Cemetry City

Battles for Relay Ridge and Cemetry City

The Badab campaign is heating up.

Battle for Relay Ridge
Post the battle of Salem's World the Badass PDF were reinforced with Captain Arkos and two squad of Astral Claws from his third company. Twenty fours later they were deployed to Station 77 in defence of Relay Ridge. The objective of the battle was to secure five relay stations which were dotted around the ridge and were being threatened by the Steel Sharks command by Captain Oreil. The battle was a success for the Badass PDF. Their initial deployment included a string of minefields just outside the Steel Sharks' deployment zone stymieing their advance. Captain Oreil and his terminator retinue ignored the mine field, being safe from its affects by being transported in a Landraider. However, this isolated the command squad from the rest of the force and when they debussed to engage an Astral claw squad the squad withdrew [edit; they did not run away, it was a tactical withdraw under fire:)], leaving them to face a wall of plasma and lascannon fire from the PDF. Even Captain Oreil could not survive taking a final wound at the hands of a guardsman fell to his own over heating plasma gun. Captain Arkos succeeded in destroying the Steel Sharks’ landraider with his combi melta. The rest of the Steel Sharks were dispatched by long range by lascannon and plasma fire from the PDF.

The Badass PDF used extensive minefields in defence of Relay Ridge. However the Steel Sharks' landraider was immune to their effects.

Captain Oreil and his Terminator Retinue debussed ready to assualt Astral Claws defending one of the relays.

But it is a trap and the captain and his men are gunned down by the PDF.The Steel Sharks' force had several Inquisitorial units in its ranks.

Most destructive was a Vindicare assassin who killed Ensign Roe, the PDF standard bearer, and several lascannon operators. The assassin escaped the battle.

Battle for Cemetery City
After the events of Relay Ridge the Badass PDF were taken out of the line for a rest period of two weeks before being redeployed to Arkus in defence of Cemetery City. This time their objective was defend the city against attack from the Sons of Medusa led by Venerable dreadnought El Johnston. The battle was a disaster for the Badass PDF. The Sons of Medusa ignored the minefields, marching straight it and taking heavy casualties in the process but getting into weapons range of the PDF who were decimated by bolter fire. Captain Arkos and his marines were killed in close combat by a single squad of loyalist marines while loyalist scout squads ran amok through the PDF lines. At the end of the battle only the command commander and a few troopers remained alive. What is left of the company has been withdrawn to Badab. Suffering irreplaceable loss the company is starting to turn to the Dark Powers for aid.

The Sons of Medusa ignored the dangers of the minefields to rapidly close into close combat with the Badass PDF.
While Scouts out flanked the PDF battle line.Captain Arkos led a counter attack but was slain along with one of his squads.
Sergeant Zhufor lead a counter attack on the left flank breaking the Sons of Medusa line. The sergeant was the only surviving Astral Claw marine from the battle.

Although the Badass PDF were defeated, only a single Sons of Medusa scout safely secured an objective.In dire straights the Badass PDF are turning to the dark powers for aid.

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