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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PIP (40K); imperial Guard

from work in progress to paint in progress.

V =Vallejo paint range
Undercoat =army painter bestial brown.
cloth (tunics, trousers, coats) = V German medium camo
Armour (body armour, helmets, guns) = V Russian green
Flesh = V flat flesh
Webbing (belts, backpacks, pouches) = V green Ochre
Eagles (canteens, helmets, chest plate = V off white
Sandbags ( and rocket launcher) = V middlestone
Metal (grenades, barrels)= V gun metal
Once painted the models were coated in army painter medium coat and sprayed Matt varnish.

were covered in Ronseal teak wood filler
Fresh katty litter was push into the filler as it dried then painted GW snakebite leather.
Static grass and Silfor tuffs were pva'd on.

A normal bandage was dyed using dylon color dye*.
Once dry the bandage was cut to shape and a series of dry fittings were done to get the shape right.
The cut Shape were soaked in PVA and water then attached to the weapons.
Static grass was added in patches to break up the netting.

* In hindsight rusty brown looks a lot like orange and may not be ideal for camo netting.

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