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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dig In (40K); Defence Tower

Inspiration; Star Wars the battle for Hoth( the snow planet) were the rebels had defence towers firing on the approaching storm trooper's walkers.

Defence Tower with WIP Guard shown for scale.

- Leftover Chimera turret
- Water purifier from a kettle (originally I got this for the beads in it to use as rivets in conversions, the leftover shell was used for the defence tower)
- Plastic card and rods

-Sand the base of the purifier smooth and level
-Assemble the chimera turret as normal use plastic card to fill in the gap for the turret hatch.
-Attached the turret to a plastic rod which can fit into the the purifier.
-With the assemble done undercoat the model with a desired colour.

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Zafran ali said...

Nice tower create I like ur style...
clear cards

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