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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sit rep (WHFB); Irresistible Farce round 3 & the results

Round three Vs Chaos Dwarfs led by Hayleigh of HOLD (Heroes of Legend Dublin)
Round two results put the DGG in fourth place paired off aganist HOLD (aka Mal, Woody, Ciaran and Hayleigh. With three members of ETC team Ireland they were my second favourites to win. This time I got to pick my opponent and when for Hayleigh’s Chaos dwarfs (sweet, two of the oldest army lists in this edition paired off to determine the overall tournament winner). The logic being my shooting army was better than his.

Hayleigh's army consisted of
General on a flying bull
3 wizards
2 regiments blunderbuss weilding choas dwarfs
1 regiment chaos dwarfs
3 regiments of hobgoblin archers
2 regiments of hobgoblin slaves
3 hobgoblin boltthrowers
1 earth shaker cannon
1 death rocket
1 regiment of bull centaurs

Here be Dragons
(edit; most elf armies had some sort of dragon to back them up, probably because elves can not fight for sh*t)

On the Dogs left flanks there was a building in their deployment zone with a forest at the midway point. In the centre was a forest in the midway point with a hill in the chaos dwarf deployment. On the right there was a hill in the Dogs deployment with a building at the midway point.

The Dogs deployed in the same fashion as before and this time the Chaos nearly had enough numbers to out deploy the Dogs but were just two short. Hayleigh spread his army evenly across his line. The war machines went on to the rear of the army on the table edge. The hobgoblin archers went in the front line, while the slaves went on either flanks. The wizards deployed in the chaos dwarf units and went in the centre. The general and the bull centaurs went to their right. In response the manflayers deployed in the forest on the dogs right intend on either poisoning the flying bull or the bull centaurs.

Ogre Cavalry
(edit; forgeworld, me thinks, and they are allowed in the Dogs of War army)

Hayleigh opted to go first and with most of his missile troops out of range started a general advance. Magic and shooting was uneventful with the spells being dispelled and the archers having too many negative modifiers to hit anything. In response the duellists moved forward clearing the lines of the crossbowmen. Magic was uneventful but shooting was better with the galloper gun taking out the wizard in the chaos dwarf regiment while the marksmen thinned their numbers. Mengil’s men opted to fire on the earth shaker putting a wound it.
The Chaos Dwarf lord swung round to breath fire on the manflayers, the duellists and the nearby general killing several. Elsewhere the chaos dwarfs continued to advance shooting and magic at short ranges being to take its toll on the duellists with some good news in the form on the earthshaker gun misfiring and exploding. To counter the Dog's general charged a bolt thrower crew, the manflayers charged the bull centaurs and the Venators charged the hobgoblin archers. Shooting and magic saw the chaos numbers thinned but nobody fled. The general won his combat and overran off the table. The Venators followed suit easily breaking the hobgoblins and breaking through into the artillery line. Elsewhere Mengil's men was held to a draw.

Evil twins?

With the Dog’s breaking through the lines the chaos dwarves tried to reform to minimise loss. Shooting and magic was uneventful. In combat the manflayers eventually destroyed the bull centaurs while the marksmen fired a volley and killed the flying bull.
After that it was pretty much over. The dogs lined up for multi charges on different flanks of the chaos dwarfs and broke a regiment in combat. The chaos dwarf general charged the manflayers killed Mengil but was broken by the rest of the manflayers

Chaos sorcerer on chariot

End result 18-2 win to the Dogs. Unfortunately, my teammates could not follow-up getting massacred twice 20-0 and a minor draw 12-8.

How did we do? I came 8th overall with three wins, Gerry came 10th with a win and two draws. Martin cam 23rd with a win, draw, loss and Gaibhann came 35th with a win and two loss. The team came 6th overall with the DOB winning and HOLD coming second. Overall it was a great event and I would like to go again when the new edition comes out.

Elves and Dragons

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