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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mission Critical (40K); Francks' world campaign part 2

The Franck's world campaign

Design note ; This sucker is big. The campaign below was originally intended as a two player campaign with both sides using all the armies. It is not for the faint hearted, it will take a bit of effort, but hopefully what you out in you get out. An umpire is desired but not essential. The mechanics are based on Forgeworld AI series adapted for 40K

intro story;
"colonel, its 0400, you are need in the comms room, there may be a problem" Colonel Steiner greeted the morning with a blunt curse. Grabbing his holstered plasma pistol he made his way to the comms room. Inside, lieutenant Horst was unsuccessful trying to calm down an excited voice on the vox "Sir, its trooper Deits, station at outpost West three" reported Horst "They are all dead, sir, the whole fraggin outpost, Captain Zorn missing, I can here gunfire and screaming from the southern dome. I think.....". Deit's report ended in a scream and the signal cut out. Horst cursed as the signal cut out, twisting several dial failed to return the terrified trooper. "lieutenant, log the time we lost contact with outpost west three,” said Steiner checking the charge on his plasma pistol, and call out the guard it looks like we have unexpected guests".

Francks world in a non descript planet on the eastern fringe of the Imperial. Its principal contribution to the Imperialum is in the form of mineral wealth which is strip mined from the planet by the adeptus administirums work force. To mine the planet a human workforce is required. To protect the workforce from Xenos and other space raiders the imperial guard maintains a presence on the planet. For this campaign space raiders have arrived and it is going to get nasty.

Phase 1; Getting Started
The Franck's world is a two player attrition based campaign. At the start of the campaign each player has to draft an army to an agreed points value. In this case both players (Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar) wanted to use their entire armies so the agreed points value was 20,000 points. The army lists ignores the usual restriction and can include as many troops, HQs etc as players have models for, In addition forces from more than one codex can be used so long they would normally be allowed for allies. Forgeworld and Superheavies are also allowed as well as any mutually agreed unique units.

Phase 1: strategic targets
Franck's world consists of a series of strategic targets representing civilians, infrastructure and other valuable targets. The strategic targets are listed below.
Strategic targets on Francks world

Name; Size VPs
Colonial Control Large 50
The Starport Large 25
Primary Hab Dome Large 25
Secondary Hab Dome Large 25
Storage Facility (x5) Medium 10
Mining Operation (x10) Small 5
Dark Eldar Base Large 100

At the start campaign the Imperial Guard have 225 VPs while the Dark Eldar start with 100 VPs.

Phase 2; Assigning Defenses
The Imperial Guard forces are stationed at colonial control, the hab domes or other facilities to protect the citizens. Before the start of each turn the Imperial player can deploy some of his units to other strategic targets to protect them the Dark Eldar. If a strategic target with is a garrison is attacked the garrison will assist the relief force to fight of the raiders. The size of the garrison depends on the size of the target. Multiple the VPs value of a target by 100 to determine how many points it can hold.

Phase 3; Determining whose on the Offensive
The game starts with the Dark Eldar on the offensive. The offensive player determines how many games will be played during the turn from a minimum of one to a maximum of three. If the dark Eldar are on the offensive then they can select to attack a strategic target such as the Star port or Hab Dome. If the Imperials are on the offensive then they send out patrols and interdiction forces to hunt down the raiders.
At the end of the turn whoever won the most games lost turn counts as being on the offensive. If neither side won the majority of games last turn then there is a lull in fighting, roll a D3 to determine how many mission are fought this turn.

Phase 3a; Determine Mission Size
Roll a D3 to determine the size of the forces involved in the mission
1. Small skirmish 1000-1500
2. Medium sized battle 1500-2000
3. Large battle 2500+

If the Dark Eldar are attacking a strategic target modify the roll depending on the size of the target +1 for a large target, -1 for a small target.

Phase 3b; Pick Mission Forces
Once the mission force size has been determined both players can use units from their army rooster up to mission size. Player's army can be any value between the minimum and maximum points limits and they do not need to be declared until after the battle. If a Strategic target with a garrison is attack then garrison force must be included in the guard force. The rest of the force can be made up from other units on the army list.
Phase 4; Determine Missions
Once the mission force has been determined roll a D6 to determine mission. Fortunes of War mean the missions actual fought may not be the one intended also the type of mission depends on who is on the offensive.

Dark Eldar on the Offensive
1 Dawn Raid (Battle Missions book page 26)
2 Ambush (Dark Eldar attacking, main rulebook page 268)
3 Scorched Earth (Dark Eldar playing CSM, Battle Missions book page 26)
4 Slave Raid (Battle Missions book page 28)
5 Feigned Retreat (Battle Missions book page 30)
6 Ambush, (Imperial Guard attacking, see main rulebook page 268)

Imperial Guard on the Offensive
1 Ambush (Imperial Guard playing Necrons, Battle Missions book page 50)
2 Reconnaissance In Force (Imperial Guard playing Necrons, Battle Missions book page 52)
3 Implacable Advance (Imperial Guard playing Necrons, Battle Missions book page 54)
4 Cut and Run (Imperial Guard playing Orks, Battle Missions book page 62)
5 Ambush, (Dark Eldar attacking, see main rulebook page 268)
6 Combat Patrol* followed by Pre-emptive Strike (Imperial guard playing Eldar, Battle Missions book page 34)

Lull in the Fighting
1 All Round Defense (Imperial Guard playing Marines, Battle Missions book page 70)
2 Vertical Envelopment (Dark Eldar playing Tau, Battle Missions book page 74)
3 Fighting Withdraw (Dark Eldar playing Tau, Battle missions’ book page 78)
4-5 Cities of Death (randomly select a Cities of Death mission)
6 Combat Patrol*

* Combat patrols are kill teams mission (battle missions books page 90). The combat patrol must be selected from the force intend for the battle. The rest of the force in unavailable to fight in any battles this turn. If the Imperial guard win then they find out the location of the Dark Eldar base and can target it for destruction.

Phase 4; Play Mission
-break point
before playing the mission players need to work out the break point of their force. This determines how much damage the force can take before it considers withdrawing.
*each any type infantry model is worth one point
*monstrous creatures are worth their number of wounds
*each vehicle with a total armor (front +side + rear) less or equal to thirty three is worth five points
*each vehicle with a total armor (front + side + rear) between thirty four and forty is worth ten points.
*each vehicle with a total armor (front + side + rear) more than forty is worth twenty points

Any model killed gives up its break point. Damaged vehicles give up half of theirs.

Run away;
Once a force has lost a third of its break points it can voluntarily opted to withdraw. Once a force has lost two thirds its break points at the start of its turn, it must pass a leadership test, based on the highest leadership model the force has left on the table. Alternatively, units can voluntarily move off the table edge models that do so may not return later.

Phase 5; Determine Results
Victory or Death
Lost the mission criteria +5
Drawn the mission criteria +10
Won the mission criteria +15
Game VPs difference 10%+ +1/-1
20%+ +2/-2
30%+ +3/-3
40%+ +4/-4
50%+ +5/-5
eg for 2000 point game 10% would be 200 points so if the winner had 200 points more of his army alive than the loser at the end of the game then the score would be modified +1 to the winner, -1 from the loser.

Once both players have determine their score. Use the difference in scores to determine results,
0-3 Draw
4-8 minor win
9-14 major win
15+ massacre

Determining causalities
Not all models lost are necessarily killed, some may be lightly wound or temporarily put out of play. Roll a D6 to see if a model is returned to duty

casualty test (returned to duty on a...)
3+ for troops
4+ for others (HQ, heavy, etc)

+1 for winning
-1 for losing

units that survive the mission can gain veteran status as outlined in the main rulebook page 263.

-Gaining and spending campaign points
Massacre winners gets three campaign points
Major win winner gets two campaign points
Minor win winner gets one campaign point
Draw or loss both players get one campaign point.

Campaign points can be spend on the following,
1 campaign point to upgrade a unit to veterans
1 campaign point +/- to the next mission roll (declare secretly to the umpire beforehand)
1 campaign point to add D6 VPs points to a players score.

-Destroying strategic targets
If the Dark Eldar attack and win a battle against the strategic target then the target is destroyed and it VP value is subtract from the guard total and transferred to the Dark Eldar.

7 Finale
The game last for six number of turns after which whoever has the greatest number of victory points is the winner.

Alternative if players want any surviving units can be used in a apocalypse game.

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