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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mission Critical (40K); Black Hawk Down

Third Armageddon war.
Imperial fighter ace call sign Black Hawk has been shot down over Sulpha river. High command fears that the news will devastate morale. But hope is not lost. Black Hawk survived the crash and has been captured an Orc hunter-killer-eater patrol. A Imperial gaurd patrol is in the area and has been order to rescue the pilot before patrol lives up to the later part of its name.

The forces;
Black Hawk Down is a kill team mission as outlines in the battle mission book. The Orc force is outlined in "the Orc Patrol" special rule. The Imperial gaurd patrol consists of 200 points of guard.
Both sides have access to USR's and must secretly write down who has what.

Terrain is as per map. The main features are the stake at the centre of the table (to which Black Hawk is tied to) and the six Orc huts surrounding it, containing the Orc patrol.

Reserves & Who Goes First;
The Orc reserves and their deployment is covered under "the Orc Patrol" and "the Village" special rules. The Guard have no reserve.
The game starts with the Guard moving on from their chosen table edge.

Special Rules;
1) Sentries and sounding the alarm,
The Orc patrol that captured Black Hawk is resting up in a village getting ready for a hummieque later in the day. The village is protected against attack ten grot sentries patrol the perimeter.

Moving Sentries
At the start of each Orc turn player both roll a D6 for each sentry. Whoever rolls highest may move the sentry the distance indicated on the dice. In the event of a draw the Orc player may move the sentry.

Raising the alarm
A sentry will raise the alarm if any of the below condition are met,
-If a sentry ends a turn within initiative range of a scout model ie 2"
-If a sentry is fired upon by any weapon except a silenced one eg sniper rifle. The sentry will raise the alarm if he survives being hit by a silenced weapon.
- If a sentry is attacked in close combat he will raise the alarm on a 4+.
-if a Sentry ends a turn within initiative range of a dead sentry he will raise the alarm.

Once the alarm has been raised the Orc patrol can start to activate. Roll a D6 on a 5+ a single randomly generated Orc element can enter play. Add a D6 on each subsequent turn and for each 5+ rolled an Orc element can activate. How the patrol activates and comes into play are outlined in "the Orc patrol" and "the village" special rules.

2) The Orc Patrol
The Orc patrol is broken into six elements for purpose of reserves. Roll a D6 and consult the table below to see what element has been activated. Once an element has been activated it cannot be activated again reroll the D6 to determine a replacement element.

1 2 Runtherders (one with Grot prod and the other with Grabba stick) and 3D6x2 grots
2 2D6 Orcs with either shootas or sluggas, the tenth orc may have a big shootas
3 3D6 Orcs with either shootas or sluggas, the tenth orc may have a rokkit
4 2D6 Orcs with either shootas or sluggas, the tenth orc may have a big shootas. Plus a Nob with 'eavy armour and custom weapon (counts as a big shoota and a power klaw)
5 D3+1 Nobz 'eavy armour, The frist nob has a choppa, the second a 'uge choppa, the third a power klaw and the fourth another choppa.
6 1 Killa Kan with Kustom Mega blast, grot riggers and extra armour.

3)The Village
The village consist of six Orc huts numbered one to six. Once an Orc element is generated roll a D6 to determine which hut they are in. The element leaves the hut in the same fashion as a unit disembarking from a stationary transporter. Once a hut has been used it is empty and further elements must come from another hut.
Victory Conditions & Game Length;

4)Black Hawk.
Unsurprisingly, for a man who has been shot down and beaten up, Black Hawk is in bad shape. Black Hawk cannot move until a Guard model is in base contact and pass a strength test to free him from the stake. After which Black Hawk can only move if he stays in base to base contact with a Guard or Orc model, effectively the model is carrying Black Hawk. Any model in base to base contact with Black Hawk counts as slow and purposeful (USR).

Victory conditions.
The Guard win if they get Black Hawk off the table another result is an Orc win.

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