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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PIP (40K); the Crushinator

The Method;
the model built in sections body/legs and arms/weapons.
The parts were undercoated AP* bestial brown and then given a fine spray of AP metal
V flat yellow was wet washed on to most parts of the sections with some plates left clean.
V grey german was wet washed on to missed parts of the section ( to break up the yellow and give the dread scavenged look)
The wiring was painted GW ultramarine blue.
The tubing was painted GW fortress grey
The tubing and connections were painted GW brass.
The weapon blades were dry brushed GW mithril silver
The engine parts/horns were painted GW tin bitz followed by a dry brush of V gun metal
The sections were then stippled V cavalry red.
Once painted the model was stuck together and gaps were painted GW tin bitz.

The salamander marine was painted CA* dark elf green
His backpack/weapons/shoulder pads were painted GW black.
The transfers are from the space marine transfer sheet.

*AP =army painter
*V =vallejo
*CA = coat de arms

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