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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mission Critical (FOW); Narwa 17th February 1944

Design notes; adapted to FOW from rapid fire’s eastern front supplement

The Russian offensive is in full swing. The German force in the Baltic have withdrawn to the river Narwa. To cut them off from Germany the Russian 2nd shock army has been order to the only Rollerbahn (highway) into the area which is defended by the German 151st grenadiers regiment.

The battle field is set-up as shown on the map. The Railway line is on an embankment which blocks line of sight. Crossing the railway at any point except the road counts as difficult terrain for tanks.
The hill and the woods counts as very difficult terrain for tanks.

The battlefeild.

The Germans deploy first. A single platoon must be deployed at points A,B,C. German Armour must be deployed on the Rollerbahn. All other units can be deployed anywhere north of the deployed platoons.
The German reserves are in delayed reserve and must randomly determine which unit arrives ( 1-3 infantry platoon, 4-6 Tiger) and at what point for each unit (1-3 west end of the Rollerbahn, 4-6 east end of the Rollerbahn)
The Russians deploy second and must deploy all their units south of the Railway line.
The Russian get the first turn.

Elements of the Russian 2nd Shock army move to their starting line.

Special Rules;
All the Russian mortar companies can fire smoke bombardments for this game.

German front line defenders wait inside buildings on the front.

The Forces
The Defenders- the German 151st regiment (counts as Infantry Company)
1 company HQ (HQ+2IC both with panzerfaust)
1 grenadier infantry Platoon (HQ with Panzer Faust, one infantry section and one attach MG team)
1 grenadier infantry Platoon (HQ with Panzer Faust and one infantry section)
1 grenadier infantry Platoon (HQ with Panzer Faust and one infantry section and one attach Panzershreiks team)
1 rocket launcher platoon (HQ with one launcher section with extra crew)
1 artillery battery (HQ with one gun section)
1 Stug Tank
1 Tiger Tank

German rocket and heavy artillery fires from behind the hill.

Defender’s reserves
1 grenadier infantry Platoon (HQ with Panzer Faust, one infantry section, one attach MG team all in trucks)
1 Tiger Tank
German infantry try to stall the advance of Russian tanks.

The Attackers – Russian 2nd shock army
Tank regiment (counts as a tank Battalion)
1 Battalion HQ (one T34/76)
2 Tank companies (each with 6 T34/76)
1 Heavy tank company (three KV-1s)
1 decoy Tank company (1 Stug)
1 Rocket Battalion (1 platoon with extra crews and an observer team)

Russain start to over run the first line of defences.

Rifle regiment (counts as an Infantry Battalion)
1 Battalion HQ
3 infantry companies (each with one platoon and an attached MG team)
1 Mortar company (one platoon with observer team)*
1 Heavy mortar company (one platoon with observer team)*
1 Anti tank company (one anti tank platoon)
1 Infantry gun company (one Infantry gun platoon)

• Remember for this game both the mortar team can fire smoke bombardments.

Russain forces advancing, their objective is just over the hill.

Victory condition;
The Germans win if after turn six there are no Russian teams North of the railway line. The Russians win if one of their teams spend more than one turn on the Rollerbahn.

Russina finally make it to the hill

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