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Friday, May 7, 2010

PiP (40K); Ork Shanty town

finally got round to painting the Ork shanty town.

- Undercoat Rat brown, aka red brown.
- followed by a fine spray of silver. Well army painter sprays tends to spray in blobs so you get fine spray followed by the occasional blob of paint. The silver over brown gives a nice rusted metal effect.
-Next some of the panels were painted with water down blue (GW ultramarine blue) or green ( Vallejo Russian uniforms). The water down paints allow the rusted brown to show through plus if you use water without a thinner the paint tends to clump into blobs. The mixed colors adds to the shanty look.
-Next the some the wooden doors and planking was painted brown (PP bestial brown).
- Finally the window mesh was painted black (GW chaos black) followed by a dry brush of metal (Vallejo gun metal). and the chimney stacks were painted dull metal (GW tin bitz)

Canvas roof made from tissue paper soaked in watered down PVA glue

Felt roof made with sand paper. The chimney sacks are made from straws.

Windows made from artists mesh.

Door handles made from the spotlight handles on the IG vehicle sprue.

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