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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MIA (40K); The Death Stalker and the Skull Reaper

The Death Stalker

(edit; this guy is big, the gaurdsman in the bottom left give you some idea of the size)

Name; Death Stalker

Cost; 400


The Death Stalker super heavy walker is intended to be used in built up areas to stalk and destroy enemy super heavy operating in the area.


Death Stalker WS;3 BS;3 S;10 F;13 S;13 R;13 I;2 A;4

Composition; 1 (1 death stalker can be used by loyal or disloyal humans)

Unit type; Super heavy - walker

Structure points; 2

Wargear;1 turret Widow maker cannon (R;48" S;D 5" blast)
1 hull mounted twin-linked heavy bolter

Special Rules; Awesome, Energy shield

Transport capacity; 0

Options; none

Special rules;
Any enemy units wishing to assault the Death stalker must first pass a morale test. If they pass they can assault as normal. If they fail then the units cannot assault this turn.

Energy shield
The Death Stalker is protected by a energy field. The Death Stalker has a 6+ invulnerable save from shoots from more than 6" away.

Source; the Death Stalker is the huntsman basic kit from ramshackle games. Worth a look for big equipement for 40K.

Skull Reaper

Name; Skull Reaper

Cost; 170 points

A Skull Reaper battle tank is the weapon of choice for nefarious powers when faced by the might of the imperial guard. The Skull Reaper is a dedicated anti personnel tank intended to deliver a devastating volume of fire to clear the objective of numerous lightly armoured opposition. There are rumours that the tank originates from the Adeptus Mechanicus and several have been sighted when the Mechanicus has been forced to defend one of its planets from the Tyranid threat. But to date there has been no confirmation that the Skull Reaper is on the Adeptus Mechanicus orders of battle.

Skull Reaper BS;3 F;13 S;12 R;12

Composition; 1 (1 Skull Reaper takes up a single heavy support choice in a CSM or renegade guard army)

Unit type; vehicle-tank

Structure points; 0

Wargear; 1 twin-linked punisher cannon

Special Rules; Advanced weapons system

Transport capacity; 0

-A Skull Reaper can be upgrade with daemonic possession for 25 points. Possessed Skull Reapers have BS of 2 and ignore stunned and shaken results.
- A Skull Reaper can be upgraded with a dirge caster for 25 points. Any unit’s tank shocked by a Skull Reaper with dirge caster suffers a -1 modifier when testing for tank shock.

Advanced weapons system;
When a Skull reaper suffers a weapon destroyed damage the twin linked punisher cannon is reduced to a single punisher cannon. A second weapons destroyed result will destroy all the weapons on the Skull Reaper.

source; The skuller Reaper is based on a T100 from the Terminator 3 movie

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Nice rules but points are undercost. Especially on the big fella. Should be a bit more than a shadowsword (cause it's a walker with a D weapon)

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