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Friday, May 28, 2010

PIP (40K); Tauros and Tauros Venator

Hot on the heels of the release of IA8, the Tauros and Tauros Venator join the ranks of the Old Breed.

Tauros and Tauros Venator painted but still needing assemble and weathering.

- Both vehicles were partially assembled.
- They were undercoated army painter desert yellow.
- they were base coated Vallejo middle stone (yellow green)
-Patches of green (vallejo reflective green) and brown (vallejo German camo brown) where applied.
- They were dry brushed middle stone again to blend in the camo.
- The wheels were painted brown (GW grave yard earth) then dry brushed black (GW chaos black)
- The weapons, tool boxes were painted green (Vallejo Russian green)
- The dashboard and seats were painted grey (GW fortress grey).
- the cables and wires were painted red (GW blood red)
-The crew overall were painted khaki (Vallejo Khaki).,their armour was painted green (Vallejo Russian green), their faces were painted flesh (Vallejo flat flesh), boots and shades were painted black (GW chaos Black) and finally their webbing was painted brown (GW snake bite leather)
- The engine and suspension was painted GW tin bits followed by a Vallejo gunmetal dry brush.
- The lower half of the vehicles was given a dry brush of mud (GW graveyard earth).
- The individual parts were varnished using Army painter medium dip before being sprayed with a Matt Varnish.

Tauros (bull)

Tauros Venator (bull hunter)

Look at that, Microart's Iron brotherhood are joining the skitarii.

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