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Friday, May 14, 2010

PIP (40K); Defiant and Nemesis

Finally got round to posting pics of the the Defiant and Nemesis which were done for the last DGG apoc game.

The Defiant;
Main body- was undercoated brown (army painter bestial brown) then basecoated with a water down blue grey (Vallejo german grey)
tracks- was base coated red brown (vallejo cavalry red) then dry brushed gun metal (vallejo gun metal)
Eagles - were highlighted light grey (Vallejo blue grey).
Wiring- was hi lighted grey (GW space wolf grey).
Guns and decking - was hilighted gun metal (vallejo)
engine exhaust - coated bronze (GW dwarf Bronze) followed by a watered turquoise blue (GW swooping hawk blue).
Decorations - coated in GW bleached bone with black line (GW Chaos Black) for text.
Barrels- were highlighted in green (Vallejo Russian green)
Once the above was done the whole tank was given a wash of GW Deneb stone.

Under coated black.
Then the top was recoated in desert yellow (Army painter desert yellow spray).
Green (Flames of war British green) was sprayed in patches on to the top.
The under carriage was painted blue grey (Vallejo German grey).
The cockpit instruments and the punisher cannons were dry brushed gun metal (Vallejo gun metal).
The pilots flesh was painted Vallejo flesh with their overalls painted light grey (Vallejo blue grey).
The mouth was painted drawing a circle in pencil which was filled in in red (GW blood red). Once dried, teeth triangles were drawn in pencil then filled in in white (GW white).
The engine was painted in GW tin bitz followed by a dry bursh of gun metal (Vallejo gun metal)
The transfer were added.
Once every thing was dry the whole vehicle was coated in wash (Army painter dark wash).

Incidentally Defiant suffered the ignominy of being the first super heavy destroyed in the apoc game. It was destroyed on turn two by a stray asteroid fired by the orks. More of the apoc photos can be found here.

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good to see colin doing something you couldn't destroy a super heavy lol.

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