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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sit Rep (40K); badab campaign; battle for Salem's world

Huzzah, the DGG 40K campaign finally kicks off. Technically it started two weeks ago but that doesn’t count since I was not playing. The backdrop is the Badab campaign using the bell of lost souls campaign guide. For the campaign my army is the Badab PDF here after called the bad-ass PDF. Their first mission garrison the daemon world of Salem. To make life interesting the flunkies of the inquisition, the Minotaur’s space marine chapter, have decide to capture the planet.

The mission is planet strike, with some bells and whistles, the objective was kill points. The bells an whistles being each player getting D3 free artillery strike per turn as well as various demonic effects appearing raining blood, rivers of eyeballs etc.

The Salem Garrison was 1500 points strong. The plan is to use the Varks defenders list and at the start of the campaign use just PDF type units like guard squads and tanks. But as the campaign progress introduce more chaotic units as the army tries to stop the march on the inquisition

The garrison consists of,
-command (company command squad with two attached anti tank lascannon teams)
-1 st platoon (platoon command squad with two infantry squads)
-2nd platoon ((platoon command squad with four infantry squads)
-1 executioner leman russ battle tank
-6 possible mine fields
-1 off table artillery strike
View of the base from the east.

View of the base from the West.
3rd squad manning one of the bunkers.

The entire minotaur force, bar one unit arrives on turn one and walks on from their drop zone.
By turn two the minotaurs succeed in destorying the company command squad bastion.

Some of the Minotaur units sought shelter in the outer redoubt to avoid off table artillery strikes.
3rd squad bunker was destoryed by turn five.

3rd squad surivive were then attacked by he last grey hunter on the table. which they took out before consolidating into another near by bunker.

Final score; 5 V 5 killpoints with only a three orfour of the attackers left standing.

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