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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dig In (40k); Orc shanty buildings

Orc shanty buildings

There is an apocalypse (AKA Apoc) game in the offing. For me it is a great excuse to dust of the superheavies for a rumble and flimsy pretext to speed up the assemble line to have something new for the day. For our Apoc game the background is an imperial attack on an Orc base similar to the eldar V Orc game in the original Apoc. To reinforce the theme I have started to throw together some Orc shanty huts for the boys to live in.

I planning on doing a how to guide once they are finished at the moment they are being built Orc style with random bits being thrown together for the ram shackled look.

Orc village in progressOne of the boyz inspecting the construction
Now, this is a cover save

Nothing to do why the shanty town just part of the ill fated Orc defenders of a recent Space Marine raid.

More of the defenders unfortunately the game did not last long enough for more photos with all four trucks being toasted on turn one. Final score 14-12 to Paul Q's Bloody Angels ;)

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