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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sitrep (40k); Vanguard space wolves Vs Servant of slaughter

Being a scenario junkie the release of the new battle missions’ book from GW is a bit like striking gold. First up to bat was the Servants of Slaughter, imperial rebels turning to khorne worship (rules found in Siege of Vraks Vol 2). Their opponents for the day Space Wolves led by Ger o’B. Ironically, the randomly generated mission rolled saw space marines attacking in a Vanguard mission. To spice it up we used three bastions, without weapons as the objectives.

The Servant of Slaughter consisted of
-Exalted space marine champion of Khorne with a pair of lightening claws
-Militia company command squad (CCS1) lead by an exalted champion
-2 anti tank lascannons fire teams (AT1 and AT2)
-5 khorne orgyns
-10 Khorne berserkers in a dread claw
-militia platoon command squad (PCS1) with 2 infantry squads one with a flamer (IS1), the other with a lascannons (IS2).
-20 Bloodgor beastmen
-2 mobs of 30 rabble
-the rabble and the bloodgors all had attached enforcers and preachers to keep them in line and motivated.
-2 off table artillery strike one bombard one manticore.

The Wolves consisted of
-Logan Grimnar
-5 man long fang pack with attach wolf guard in a pod joined by Logan
-3 8 man packs of Grey hunters
-1 squadron of 2 land speeders
-2 vindicators
-5 man wolf scout pack joined by a wolf gaurd.

Logan Grimnar and the long fangs droppod into the servants base only to be swamped by bloodgors and destroyed.

Grey hunters packs race down the centre towards the central objective.

Regenade militia overlook the space wolves right flank force.

Skulltakers arrive and attack the main grey hunter strike force.

The remains of the bloodgors assualt the attacking grey hunters.

Central objective form the space wolf point of view.

Grey Hunters press on with the attack.

Skulltakers and bloodgors press into the space wolf centre.

A damaged vindicator tank shocks the rabble out of the way.
(edit; hmm I'm not sure the guard guy is in coherence)

Bloodgors shield the skulltakers from any unwanted space wolf attention.

And are destroyed for their effort along with the central bastion.

The skulltakers attempt to claim vengance.

But are slain in the attempt.

The central objective is destroyed but it is to little to late.

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