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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sitrep (M&T): eight day for the Moonwalkers on the trail to the Stoney river

Day 8

After the battle of the 7th day. The moonwalkers opted to scout out locations to determine which was the best way forward. When the scouts returned the warband opted to move through open ground. However, the word of the battle had already spread to area.

Battlefeild from the Veternam militia left
The warband was joined by ten new warriors with three carrying muskets. The reminder was able to collect spare muskets the warband had scavenged from its encounter with the milita.  The militia also tracked down the warband. This time a small group of veteran militia encountered the warband while it was scouting.

On the Miliits right  Two units are led by an officer
The veteran militia put up a tougher fight than the previous group. This time five indians were killed and another five injured in exchange for sixteen injured militia.  The warband has advanced a day and the warrior from the last battle has recovered from his wounds. But it has taken losses and is carrying wounded. Also all of the neighboring counties are still on alert meaning more militia might be on the way.
They make first contact with the Indians

Warband status at the end of the 8th day
1 Warchief and 20 warriors
5 warrior injured
4 days rations
2 spare muskets

On the other flank, thw indians make contact
Militia right  flanks starts to crumble
The officers tries to fight of the indinas
more militia getting stuck in close combat with the indians
The Miliita in the centre try to support their embattled friends
The last militia on the right flank
Somehow beats back the indians
On the milita left, one of the units panicsa and advances out of cover
The Indians complete their reconnaissance and  start to fade away
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Frank O'Donnell said...

That warband of Indians took some heavy loss 5 dead, does that mean those 5 are now gone or is their away for the Indians to get reinforcements ?

Dakeryus said...

Gone,dead, ceased to be.
If the warband gets detected again some more warriors may show-up.

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