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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sitrep (M&T): battle for Picard point

The battle for Picard point starts with Camembert  highhandedly charges the thin red line. (he is quite mad)

Recently one of the guys asked for a refresher game of Muskets and Tomahawks and since I had just finished paining some Highlanders I was keen to put them on the the table.  The background was the French under Colonel Camembert were gathering their forces at Picard point while the British under Major Stilton were order to conduct a pre-preemptive strike.

Camembert's force consisted of two units of twelve regulars lead by lieutenant supported by two units of twelve French marines led by a lieutenant and five units of six indians lead by a warcheif.

Stilton's force consisted of two units of twelve elite highlanders lead by lieutenant supported by three units of twelve regulars led by a lieutenant and three units of six light infantry.

For Subplots Colonel Camembert Is quite mad while Major Stilton has orders not to break the truce by firing the first shot.

Thin red line begins to deploy
While the indians move into the wods
British light move towards the setllement
Highlanders advance on the camp
The thin red line deploys and begins to move forwards
The french hold fire so the British send in a light unit to fire the camp an provoke a reaction

The light prepare to fire the tower up to this piont not a shot has been fired

The french open up
The British return the fire but are coming of the worst in the firefight
Regulars and highlanders recoil from french fire 
The British firing line is decimated and they are forced to retire
Over all a really fun game of M&T. Colonel Camembert went a bit mad and charged the British line only to come to sense in the last minute and spend the rest of the game hiding behind the tower.  For the British not being able to fire first was a major pain, eventually they got to close to the French line and the first volley was devastating 

That is all for know thanks for stopping by.

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