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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sitrep (SAGA): battle of Heavenfeild (How the game went)

Battle of Heavenfeild
View from the Irish camp
We have played the game once. With a Welsh and Viking alliance facing off against and Irish and Pagan Rus (Russian vikings) coalition. The Irish picked the Welsh warlord for their pretender while the Welsh picked the Irish warlord as their pretender.

Both sides opted for each player to bring five points saga armies. Interestingly The Welsh fraction opted to more warriors, winning bids for early and late allies,and getting a good night’s rest.  While the Irish fractions won the bids for good Omens and Dawn attack. Neither fraction had any interest in picking sides, Although afterwards the vikings were complaining about potato throwers in the woods near them.

Welsh line up
The Welsh fraction's plan was a general advance to the Irish warlord, with a view to chopping of his head and claiming the throne. The Irish fraction plan was a bit more subtle, refusing the flank of the welsh while overloading the flank facing the vikings. Their plan being to double team and destroy the Vikings first then wheel round and repeat on the Welsh.

Welsh advance on the camp
The Welsh infantry made steady progress eating through token units who where taunted into their path them. On the other flank the Vikings were hard pressed by Irish and Pagan Rus.  But the Irish fraction plan replied on quickly overcoming the Vikings before engaging the Welsh.  But that meant combat and the Vikings really like combat. Despite being pelted with potatoes from hidden archers in woods and skewered by javelin throwers the vikings got stuck in an decimated anything in their path. The Vikings were reduced to their Warlord and two other figures but in exchange they cut down the Pagan Rus warlord and destroyed most of the Irish warriors.  In the centre the Irish warlord formed a shield consisting on Pagan Rus and Irish hearth guard. Welsh missile fire destroyed the Hearth-guard forcing the warlord to flee for his life.

In the end the Welsh fraction claimed the field but with a lot of vikings going to Valhalla in the process.

Pagan Rus give ground to the taunting Welsh
Viking Hearth-guard Vs Irish dogs
Last Viking Berserk prepares to go to Valhalla
Irish fraction's shield wall against the Welsh
Unfortunately the wall does not hold
Last of the Vikings fight through to the enemy camp
Viking Warlord Vs Pagan Rus hearth-guard
Welsh Hearth-guard chase after the Irish warlord
With the Vikings taking most of the heat, the Welsh go off lightly with only four warriors wounded

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Seems like someone got their plans wrong, don't you know it takes more then a few spuds to beat Vikings :-)

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