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Monday, March 28, 2016

Mission critical (SAGA) battle of Heavenfeld

Not quite Heavenfeild, but something saga themed with an Irish warband disputing the right of passage of a Norse Gaels Convoy 

The battle of Heavenfeild took place around 633AD about 150 years before the viking raiders arrived. Historically The Saxon king on Northumbira was overthrown by the Welsh with Saxon support from a rival kingdom. A noble exiled under the old king returned to claim the crown but he is slain. His son traveled to Ireland then Scotland raising an army before returning to try to claim the crown.

Design Notes: This post adapts Dan Mersey's miniatures wargames article of the same name to saga
Irish warlord and his warriors ready to block the path of the convoy
Nothing special for terrain.

Each fraction has a SAGA army of ten(10) points. The players on the fraction can agree in advance how they wish to split the points eg each player gets five points or player player gets six and the other gets four.
One warlord from each fraction is chosen by the enemy fraction to be the contender to the throne. The contender to the throne is selected before revealing the size of each players force.
But it is a decoy with more Irish emerging from the woods on the Convoy's left. Irish war dogs incoming from the top right
Special rules
Each team has fifteen (15) stratagems points to spend. There are six (6) stratagems available each team secretly bids for each, all or none of the stratagems. The team with the highest bid can use the stratagem during the game.
Norse Gaels Hearth-gaurd with great axes make short work of the central Irish warrior unit 

Early Allies
Add one unit of warriors to your starting army. The unit does not generate any extra saga dice for the force.
Dawn Attack
For the first three turns reduce the enemy starting pool of saga dice by 1 regardless of what is should be.
Chosen Ground
The fraction can select which table edge it will start on.
Good Omens
For the first three turns increase the fraction’s starting pool of saga dice by 1 regardless of what is should be.
Well Rested
For the first three turns all units in a force get a 5+ save against any fatigue points they get by whatever means.
Late Allies
Add two units of warriors to your army. The units arrive on turn four. The units does not generate any extra saga dice for the fraction

While the Irish war hounds chew through some Norse Gael warriors
Victory conditions:
The games automatically if one of the contenders is slain.
The game ends on turn 8

The game ends when one fraction has been reduced to less than 3 saga dice. ignoring modifiers for stratagems.
But Great Danes are no match for Great Dane war axes (get it?)
An eight man Irish hearth guard unit emerges from the right
And moves to join the warlord in the center
Only eight Irish left but they are all hearth guard 
Norse Gaels close in for the kill
Game over, the Gaels kill the Irish warlord and clear the path for the wagons but only four of the escort survive the battle

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