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Monday, March 21, 2016

Mission Critical (M&T): The Acadian raid

British column in the move
There is something of a mini game days on this Easter Friday in Dublin. Somehow an email to the DGG list resulted in no less than four games in one day. And there is a quite an eclectic mix involved. For my part I am bring Musket and Tomahawks (M&T) and Bulcher to play/demo. I hope to get a try at Pulp Alley and Force of Force.

Thin white line stand by to block its path
For M&T Franco (from Ifitwasntforoneblog) ask to try out some Indians.  So I made an intro scenario based on a British raid into an Acadian Indian village. The British objective is to force the Acadians out of the area while the Indians would rather stay where they are.

The Acadian village consists of four buildings and is deployed in the center of the table with woods and hills surrounding it.

Artillery makes it debut in our games

Acadian (Defenders)
1 Sacherns
6 warbands of six warriors
2 units of eight civilians

1 Companie de la Marine Officer
2 platoons of twelve marines
British (Attackers)
1 Ranger Officer
3 sections of six rangers

1 Light Infantry Officer
2 platoons of twelve light infantry

All Acadians must be deployed within 6” of a building.
The British force starts off table and arrives when one of their units activate.
They pick which side they move on from.
The Acadian reserves are delayed reserves.
The reserves arrive opposite the British table edge.

Predictably all its shots miss.
Special rules
Delayed reserves
Each time a French marine card is drawn roll a D6 on a 6 the reserves arrive. The units can activate as normal and come on from the opposite table edge to the British.
Add a D6 to the roll each each time a french regular cards drawn

British regulars fire on the French line
Victory conditions:
2 points for each civilians intact/destroyed at the end of game
1 point for each buildings intact/destroyed at the end of game
1 point for achieving the subplot

While provincials move around in support
Bear attacks some Indians hiding in the woods
The survivors panic and run into the open only to be gunned down by the Provincials 

The photos are form a recent M&T game with a British column trying to get pass a French blockade, Despite having artillery and the French Indians suffering bear attacks and losing leaders to random events the British could not force the blockade and had to retreat.

That is all now thanks for stopping by.

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