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Monday, February 22, 2016

PiP (M&T, LS): Elites

Highlanders on the march

A couple of photos of some in progress elites for Muskets and Tomahawks. pre-wash and basing.

Painting wise the only new thing tried was applying the base coat via airbrush after primer. It worked out well for the 10mm ACW figures but not so well for the Highlanders in 18mm, not sure why.

I opted out of painting tartan in 18mm to save my sanity, I tried one figure with a marker but it did not work out and the step was aborted.

The 10mm ACW is from Pendraken, the Highlanders are from Bluemoon and the French grenadiers are from Eureka
You can not have highlanders without bag pipes
French grenadiers marching to the defence of New France
With their captain leadiing the way
Blockhouse all painted up
Cabin in the woods
primer fail 
Slighly smaller elites in the form on 10mm ACW Brendan sharpshooter
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