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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sitrep(LS):The terrible twins Longstreet campaign finale

Reboubt No1

1865 sees the last battle in the campaign. In the overall war the Confederates are pretty much finished. In the campaign this mean all of their campaign bonuses have expired while the Union’s bonuses were at full strength. The Confederate brigade itself is in rude health being well supplied with modern artillery and most of the regiments are keen to get on with the task at hand. In the Union brigade things are less cheerful. Thaddeus is facing a congressional hearing on the greater than 50% losses colored regiments seem suffer on their first engagement under his command and most of the artillery slightly older to replace heavy losses suffered in earlier engagements.  (The last battle was suppose take place at some isolated farm, but for the finale I did up some redoubts with some house rules for one side to defend).

The Terrible twins

The start of 1865 sees Nathaniel's’ brigade tasked breaking through the Union lines out to rejoin the rest of the Confederate army somewhere down South.  The only obstacle was Thaddeus brigade garrison the “terrible twins” redoubts on the road South.

Confederate Cavalry goes a Flankin'

The US kept the 1st Vermont cavalry freshly arrived and at full strength in reserve. The Right twin was garrisoned by 2nd/88th  consolidate regiment with artillery support from the 4th Rhodes and 6 New York batteries. The left twin was garrisoned by the 56th Mass regiment with support from the 5th US, 5th NY artillery batteries. With the rest of the army sprinkled around the perimeter.

Union Left flank 

The CS deployed its cavalry on the right facing the 56th Mass regiment. With the infantry in the centre with veteran regiments being screened a recruit regiments. The artillery was deployed in the farm and on the hill between the two formations. The CS plan was to turn the Union’s left flank while the Union planned to hold the line until the reserve showed up and counterattack to break the Rebels.

Confederate guns open hostilities 

Confederate artillery under a experience artillery officer inflicted heavy losses on the Union while the infantry and cavalry advanced as per the plan.  The Cavalry advance faltered anticipating arrival on Union cavalry. Forcing the Infantry to go it alone.

Confederates clear the fence

The Confederate infantry breach the first line of the Union defense Then the attack started to stall.  The Confederates destroyed the 5th US 6th NY batteries and the 54th, 55th Mass regiments. But in the exchange 1st/5th Texas, 6th Georgia infantry and  8th Texas cavalry were lost. The 1st Vermont arrived to stall the advance of the Confederate cavalry.

5th Vermont does in the 10th South Carolina

The pressure was mounting on both sides with both approaching their breaking point. In the end the Confederates broke first and with that the campaign ended.

Both sides taking heavy losses in between the redoubts 

Final score Confederate 40 Vs Union 30.

below are some more in game pictures.

First  blood to the Confederacy

Second blood to the Union

CS cavalry on the move
The Union left
8th Texas make it to the fence
13th Alabama Vs 55th Mass
Union left flank

Confederate move into the lions den
Confederate attack stalls
10th South Carolina takes a beating
CS artillery fire in support of the infantry
CS infantry lay down some fire
4th Texas becomes confused and advances to far. 8th Texas(cav) committed to cover their exposed flank
1st/5th Texas approaches reboubt 2 
Confederate going in
55th Mass (bottom left) suffer confusion and expose their flanks to the 13th Alabama
13th Alabama does in the 55th Mass
Loses mount on both sides between the reboubts 
Confederate artillery keep the fire coming
More CS artillery fire 
5th US destroyed by counter battery fire
Confederate cavalry dismount and move forward
5th Vermont reinforces the Union left
Here comes the cavalry in the form of the 10th Vermont
Confederates make contact 
Union view of the centre
Sharpshooters from the 2nd/88th fire on the advancing confederates
March of the 1st/5th Texas
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