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Monday, February 1, 2016

Mission Critical (OHW): Montmorency river 26th july 1759

Montmorency river 26th july 1759.jpg
Montmorency river 26th july 1759
Design note:
One Hour Wargames (OHW) was ruleset I picked up last year and was interested to try out. The concept of 2 pages of rules plus 30-ish scenarios appealed to me.  The montmorency river scenario is more or less straight from the book under the bridgehead scenario (I think). With one player having his forces arrive fast but scattered vs another player whose forces arrived slower but are better concentrated.

July 1759 General Wolfe has successfully landed a British invasion force in New France.  The Force is besieging the capital Quebec.  However, there are many routes into the city and to complete the blockade the British must cross the Montmorency river. For several days the British have been trying to find a way across. Last night a ranger regiment found a ford and made a crossing. Now both sides are rushing regiments to the ford to secure the area.  

Terrain is as depicted on the map.
The river can only be crossed as the ford
Only skirmishers can enter the woods
The road givers a movement bonus to any unit which move along it.

The forces
Both sides have two skirmisher regiments and four infantry regiments

The British start with one skirmisher unit north of the Montmorency river. and within 6” of the ford.
Reinforcements arrive in the following order
Turn 1:
French: 2 skirmisher units via random arrival
Turn 2:
French : 2 infantry units via random arrival
British: 1 skirmisher at point D
Turn 3:
French : 2 infantry units via random arrival
British: 1 infantry at point D
Turn 4:
British: 1 infantry at point D
Turn 5:
British: 1 infantry at point D
Turn 6:
British: 1 infantry at point D

Special rules:
Random arrival:
The French are rushing troops to the area. Once a french unit is activated roll a D6 to see where it arrives on the table (1-2=A, 3-4=B, 5-6=C)
Victory conditions:
The game ends after 15th turns.
Whoever has the most units on the north bank within 12” of the ford is the winner.

Rather than using some type of marker which goies on the table to key track of damage I made up the damage tracker below and printed it out to keep tracker on the units health.

Damage tracker
(count down from 15)
27th Foot (Sandy flag)
35th Foot (Orange flag)
42nd Foot (Highlanders)
1st Virginia (Blue uniforms)
Roy’s Rangers (Skirmishers)
Ohio Militia  (Skirmishers)
La Sarre (Black and Red flag)
Le Reine (Black and Green)
Quebec Grenadiers (Grenadiers)
Quebec Companie de la Marine (Grey jackets)
Quebec Militia (Skirmishers)
Indians (Skirmishers)

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