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Monday, February 15, 2016

Sitrep (M&T): frist seven days for the Moonwalkers on the trail to the Stoney river

A second warband joins the quest to find the trail to the Stoney river this time chief Ohitekah and the moonwalkers have opted for the northern trail.

Militia looking for trouble
The warband made good progress in the first seven days in their search for the Stoney river. On the fourth day they were able to forage and find food for two more days and steal two muskets from the local farmers.

1st group of militia approach the river
On the seventh day the warband tried to cross occupied ground but was detected. Two unarmed warriors joined and were given muskets from the inventory. However a large Militia band (fifty-eight militia) was raised to engage the warband.

2nd group approaches the bridge
The two band fought a meeting engagement near a tributary of the Stoney River.  The militia divided into two groups. With one group cross the river and the bridge while the second group lead by an officer forded the river.  The Indian hit the second group hard. The militia were caught mid stream and took heavy casualties. With losses mounting the fell back to join with the second group. However, the second group stumbled into a swamp under fire and moving at a snail's pace the militia broke and ran for the hills.

River group takes fire from Indians
The Militia loss forty men while the Indian suffered two dead and one injured.  The Moonwalkers salvaged four muskets and food for another two days from the battle. Overall the warband is in good health and about seven days from the river as the crow flies. However the adjacent counties have gone on alert making it harder to move through the land undetected.

They ford the river but one unit is destroyed in the process
Living of their supplies they avoided making contact with any militia. On the fifth day running low on supplies they opted to forage. While forage they found food for three more days and stole some muskets from the local farmers.

Militia Vs Indians

Warband status at the end of the 7th day
1 Warcheif and 19 warriors uninjured
1 warrior injured
6 days rations
7 spare muskets

Umpire notes:
Ugh, I hate fighting Indians in the woods.

I think I will make a couple of changes for the next round
  1. Introduce secret objectives so players will not know their opponents objective. Keeping people guessing will hopefully add to the drama.
  2. promotion test
    1. After the game the indian player can roll a D6 on a 4+ one of his warriors is promoted to an officer. If the Indian players wins his game roll two D6 ie possible two warriors will get promoted. Hopefully this will allow the warband to develop a little personality over the campaign.
  3. varying the militia types
    1. in future games I will rotate the militia nationality. British militia are generic while American militia have larger groups and French militia are better shots.
    2. Also the ratio of officer to men will change from one in thirty to one in twenty

1st activation goes to the indians
Who builds a bridge that ends in a swamp?
Milita make it to the woods but it is infested with indians (dice indicate units that have already fired
Second group gets bogged down in a fire fight
Indian loses
Milita loses
That is all for now thanks for stopping by

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