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Monday, February 8, 2016

Sitrep (OHW): Montmorency river 26th july 1759

Daybreak sees the British across the river but they detect French militia to the east and an French allied Indian war-band to the north.

The battle heats up as bothsides skirmishers being to engage. While French line regiments begin to arrive

British line regiment being to arrive
Rangers shift position and engage a newly arrived La Sarre regiment

British Militia go to ground in a woods Vs the La Reine regiment 
French begin to organise their battle line

And commence volley fire

The British return fire but the bottleneck is limiting the number of regiment that can engage
The 1st Virginia Provincials take a pounding trying to cross the ford

French Grenadiers arrive
Rangers and La Sarre break contact and move to the main engagement
Provincials ford the river but tey are in a bad way. the 27th Foot follows in their path
And takes the same pounding
The Provincials collapse under fire
The French militia pull back with heavy damage. But the Grenadiers are on hand to fill the line

The British militia collapse under fire

The French Indians go the same way
But the La Sarre regiment is on hand to plug the gap. While the 42nd highlanders try to make progress at the ford
The Highlanders do not make it. while the companie de la marine is also destroyed
French militia are forced back into the line
But are quickly silenced.
The Rangers and the 27th are the only British force left north of the river
And then they are gone 
35th foot, the last remaning regiments sees of the Grenadiers
Two Vs one the odds  are against the British
The 35th and the La Reine are destroyed leaving the La Sarre regiment battered but in control of the ford 

Overall the game was okay. There was surprisingly no real rules queries but then again there was only two pages of rules so it may not be that surprising. I was playing British and thought the game was a bit flat maybe because I was in the bottleneck which can be a bit frustrating by nature or maybe the rules are too simple and the game evolves into a dice rolling exercise.Once the lines had formed that seemed to be the case.

Overall I want to give the rules another go there is still 29 scenarios to try and I might give the Norse Gaels vs Irish an outing

That is all for now thanks for stopping by,

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