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Monday, January 25, 2016

No1 reason to go to Tactica Hamburg this year

On the road to Tactica 2016 

Tactica Hamburg is probably Germany's biggest war-games, show attracting exhibitors and retailers from all over Europe.  This year sees a paradigm shift in the quality of the event see here, if it is good or bad only time will tell.

This year marks the first attempt by tabletopsaxony to put on an event at the show.  It is also my first attempt to put on an event at a show.  Having visited numerous shows across different countries and continents putting on events always seemed like something other people did. Nice to look at and then move on. But now a days I seem to be doing more events than tournaments, including taking part in demo or participation games and I think it is time to give something back. After all if it was not for the guys stepping up to run events then shows would be a lot duller and not nearly as attractive or eclectic as they are.

Allez les bleu

A couple of months ago a few of the tabletopsaxony guys started a discussion about who  would be interested in putting on an event. Could we get the numbers required? could we agree a theme and make it happen?  We figured we would need about 5+ volunteers so we could spread the workload and people could rotate in and out to either man the event or tour Tactica to see what was happening.

Building Fort Bull

As for theme, muskets and tomahawks are in season at the moment so something French indian wars was the consensus.  I would liked to have tried sharp practice two since it would have been new and shiny but it was unlikely to be released in time. We opted for the battle of fort bull in 28mm. 28mm because it was the most popular scale in the group. Fort bull because it was a interesting piece of history.

The British are coming
With the concept agreed to call went out on the forum for volunteers. Two Dice, ICS, Bannockburn, Alabastero and myself signed up. Alabastero is a bit of a terrain guys so he started on the the terrain. Two Dice and ICSboth have 28mm British and french forces so they got the taks preparing the forces. Bannockburn and myself went unto reserve either to help with terrain or painting figures or to cover an unexpected events.

So with only a couple of weeks left before the event things are starting to heat up.  Below are some project links (mostly in german)

Building Fort Bull on Alex's blog
Painting the British on ics' blog
Painting the French on Two Dice's blog

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by.


Frank O'Donnell said...

Good on you mate, I hope it all goes well.

John Carmody said...

Enjoyed seeing the model of Fort Bull. I am a member of the Fort Bull Research Group in Rome, New York where Fort Bull was located. I help to maintain the 1756 ruins of Fort Wood Creek which the British built to replace the destroyed Fort Bull. I was wondering how you have heard of Fort Bull.

Dakeryus said...

Hi john, thanks for the feedback. Regarding Fort Bull one of my Germany gaming friends brought it up. At the time we were researching something to bring to tactica for a participation game set in the French Indian wars. The fort bull backstory seemed like a great setting for the game.

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