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Monday, January 11, 2016

Sitrep (M&T): frist five days for the Hillfoxes on the trail

hillfox after day five.jpg
The Hillfox Warband on the Southern Trail days 1-5

Just before the year end we got to start another campaign based of the Stoney river campaign.

Frist warband to make a run was the Hillfoxes. The Warband made good progress in the first few days in their search for the Stoney river. Living off their supplies they avoided foraging and making contact with any militia. On the fifth day running low on supplies they opted to forage. While forage they found food for three more days and stole some muskets from the local farmers.
Militia on the look out for Indians

However, the foraging did not go unnoticed three warriors joined the warband and were given the stolen muskets.  The Militia was also found the warband and while the Warband was scouting the area the Militia engaged them during a heavy rainstorm.   Initially the battle went well for the warband with most of the battlefeild easily scouted out. However, things became tougher as they were forced to scout the areas where the militia were.  
The Indians find them frist
After a frustrating start with the Militia chasing shadows in the woods . The Militia changed tactics and took up positions waiting for the indians to scout their location. In the battle that followed twenty-seven of the thirty six militia were killed or injured. while the warband had seventeen casualties.  
Elsewhere the militia run into more indians
After the militia routed the warband salvaged two more muskets from the fallen militia. Of the Indian wounded five had light wounds and back fit. Five are injured and will take a few days to recover while six of the warband were killed.  Now the surrounding areas are on alert following the battle. And the warband needs to consider its next move carefully should it go to ground and wait for the heat to die down or push forward guns blazing.
Militia seek shelter in the woods only to fine it already occupied
Militia surrounded in the woods with Indians all around
Umpire notes:
So far so good. I am little concern the militia might be too strong. We rolled medium-low sized unit of thirty six militia to fight against twenty four Indians.  Initially the Indians did very well running rings around the militia while hiding in the woods.  However, they became unstuck when forced into a straight up fight to scout the last of the battlefield containing the militia. sixteen casualties is a lot for an initial encounter against medium-low sized unit. A few more “victories” like that and the warband is finished.   I think most of the casualties were due to bad luck one group panicked and fled under a random event and another recoiled off the table after shooting and was considered destroyed.

Image result for danny glover lethal weapon gifI would like to figure out how to include subplots into the campaign since they really adds spice to the M&T games. At the moment I am not sure how they should roll over from game to game. ie one subplot is “getting too old for this sh*t”. This gives a mental picture of Danny Glover from lethal weapon in a tight spot. But in a campaign for the next game should the subplot go away or stay in place. Maybe before each battle one warrior should be promoted and get a subplot and a trait but some subplots may be one game only effects.

Also I would like to figure out how to keep the game objectives secret somehow. Since the militia knew the warband had a reconnaissance mission and quickly released chasing Indians in the woods was an exercise in futility and they switched tactics to counter the Indian objective. I would rather both sides did not know what exactly the other side was trying to do to add to the fog of war.
Under fire from Muskets and Tomahawks the militia rout from the woods allowing the Indians to finish their reconnaissance 

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Frank O'Donnell said...

That sure was a heavy hit on the Indians & while you wouldn't want it to be a walk in the park for them to find the river you'd like to believe that there's some hope of them making it, I'll be following with interest.

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