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Monday, January 18, 2016

PiP (saga): Up the Dubs (The Norse Gaels)

Up the Dubs (Six points of Norse Gaels)
Whose next?
The Norse Gaels roll off the painting tray.  Methods wise this time I tried to paint some eyes on the models. Normally I paint units not figures and eyes are up there with belt buckles in terms of painting priority.

The three methods of painting eye I will call "the line" "the  dot", "the dip".

Method 1: The Slash.
After the painted has been primed before the skin tone is added  do one horizontal line across the face of the figure covering both pupils. When dry, do two fine black lines across the pupil. Then paint the skin tone carefully around the eyes to cover the rest of the lines.

Method 2: After applying the the skin tone do two small white opals over the eyes. Once dry use a find black marker to dot the eyes.

Method 3: After applying the skin tone add two dots on black wash into the pupils. Once dry two small white opals over the eyes. Once dry use a find black marker to dot the eyes.

My current preference is method two since it has less steps. Below is the rest of the war band

A bard accompanies the Warband to record their epic deeds
Hearthgaurd with Dane axes
Hearthgaurd with Javelins
Warriors with Dane axes
Warriors with Javelins
Levy with javelins
Norse Gaels Vs Welsh
Levy Duel
Painting eyes method 2 Vs method three
The warband had its first outing last week and. lucky. did not suffer the curse of the new
models besting an Irish warband in a local turf war.

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Frank O'Donnell said...

See when you give them eye's they can see what their fighting so don't lose lol, how did you find doing the eye's? it makes a big difference to the models & they look good.

Two-Dice said...

Great, new victims for my scots :D

A fourth method for painting eyes "massive voodoo style": paint the eye white and make a black dot with a sharpened toothpick.

Dakeryus said...

@ Franco, the eyes are definitly value added but i am not sure I would do them in 10mm :)

@ two dice,
Tha wounds like a challenge :)

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