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Monday, January 4, 2016

Sitrep( Longstreet) Red River 1864

Confederate cavalry on the defense

The Longstreet campaign roils on with the last battle of 1864 seeing the US again on the offensive trying to reverse on a string of CS victories.  This time Thaddeus used the broken code to seize the initiative and attack Nathaniel's brigade at the Red river.  

At the other ford more confederate cavalry prepare to dig in
The Confederate were not keen to be on the defensive.  On their left the 7th and 8th cavalry dismounted and prepared to dig in. They were reinforced with the 5th Texas and Arkansas artillery. On the CS right the 1st cavalry dismounted and together with the 13th Georgia prepared to dig in with support from the  1st NC and the Richmond artillery. The rest of the army deployed in the centre between the two main objectives of the battle. The CS plan was defense in depth  with the regiment deployed in a series of lines. The lines would fire then retire wearing down the attackers who when sufficiently weakened would be hit with a spirited counter attack from the eager defenders. At least that was the plan on paper.
While the infantry cover the centre
The US opted for an ambitious plan with a double envelope on both extreme fords.  The US right consisted of the 55th Mass and 1st US cavalry with support from 5th US artillery and the 4th Rhodes artillery. They were tasked to ford the river and turn the CS’s left flank. On the US’ left was the newly arrived 56th Mass, the 10th New York cavalry  and the veteran 2/88th with support from the 5th New York artillery.  They were tasked with fording the river and turning the CS’s right flank. The rest of the brigade was deployed in the centre and was tasked to pin the CS’s centre.
Union line advancing
The defenders got of light from the initial Union artillery barrage with only two of the forward companies hit both sides moved as per their plans.
The newly arrived 56th Mass moves forward
As the battle progress the CS artillery became dominant destroying several Union guns before switching to canister fire on the approaching attackers.  Up to this point canister fire had largely been avoided because if the artillery was in range for canister it meant the infantry was in rifle range and the artillery was not expected to last long. At Red River the crossing were heavily consisted and the CS made gratuitous use of canister whittle down the US attackers.
Confederate cavalry holding the line
 On both flanks
Confederate artillery getting ready
But things did not go all the defenders way the 1st Louisiana and 13th Georgia were destroyed under fire and the 8th Texas was forced to fall back. The battle reached a climax when the depleted 56th Mass crossed the river with the 10th New York cavalry following close behind on the bridge.  The advance forced back the CS right flank and open a foothold on the defender's side of the river. Nathaniel took personal command of the 4th Texas and together with the 1st Virginia cavalry lead a spirited counter attack. The Confederate commander took a serious wound in the ensuing combat but the 56th was destroyed and the Union foothold on the river banks was eliminated.  The potential breakthrough closed and taking heavy loss the Union force broke and withdrew from the battlefield.
1st blood to the Union
Post battle for the Union merge the 63rd and 29th regiments. For a change no new colored regiments for the first time in four games (probably because I finished painting up a new regiment). The State of Vermont reinforces the brigade with a regiment of cavalry and of Infantry.  The artillery is again rebuilt with new guns.
Confederate centre
Post battle for the Confederacy 13th Georgia is destroyed but the 1st Louisiana become veterans all be it the last two companies remaining.  A new regiment joins the brigade in the form of the 10th South Carolina infantry. The 1st North Carolina battery gets a new heavy rifle. Confederate sympathizers sabotage the union supply lines and Army intelligent breaks the Union code for the next battle.
The Yankees are coming 
Going into the final battle the forces are outlined below

Union Forces
Commander: Major General Thaddeus Koch
Skills: European Service, Drillmaster, Political Savvy
Epic Points: 26

2/88th Regiment
(5 companies,Reluctant Veterans, Old Reliables, Hero, Sharpshooters )
29/63  Regiment
(4  companies, Reluctant Veterans, Sharpshooters)
54th Massachusetts
(4 companies, Steady Veterans
Old Reliables, Colored, Hero)
55th Massachusetts
(4 companies,Steady Recruits,Colored, hero)
56th Massachusetts
(6 companies,Eager Veterans, Colored,hero, Sharpshooters )
5th Vermont regiment
(6 companies,Steady Recruits)
1st New York Cavalry
(2 troops, Reluctant Recruits, Hero)
10th New York Cavalry
(5 troops, Steady Veterans)
1st Vermont Cavalry
(10 troops Steady Recruits)
5th United States Artillery Battery
( 1 Heavy Rifle )
4th Rhode Island Battery
(3 Light Rifles )
5th New York Battery
(2 Howitzers)
6th New York Battery
(3 Napoleons )
Confederate Forces
Commander: General Nathaniel Cullen
Skills: Friend in the Statehouse, Preacher, Artillery officer, Mexican War Veteran
Epic Points: 39

4th Texas Regiment
(6 companies, Eager Veterans)
1st/5th Regiment
(4 companies,Steady Veterans)
1st Louisiana Regiment
(2 companies, Reluctant Veterans)
13th Alabama Regiment
(7 companies, Eager Veterans)
10th South Carolina Regiment
(6 companies, Steady Recruits)
8th Texas Cavalry
(4 troops, Steady Veterans)
1st Virginia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
(6 troops,Steady Recruits)
7th Texas Cavalry
(8 troops, Eager Veterans)
1st North Carolina Artillery Battery
(2 Heavy Rifles)
5th Texas Artillery Battery
(2 Heavy Rifles)
Rockbridge Artillery Battery
(1 Light Rifle)
Arkansas  Artillery Battery
(1 Light Rifle,1 Napolean)
Richmond Artillery Battery
(1 Light Rifle,1 Heavy Rifle)

Lots of Yankees
Yankees coming round the corner
Union left hook on the move

13th Gerogia destroyed trying to stem the tide in the farm house with the rest of the rebels forced to withdraw

1st Lousianna destroyed defending the centre ford

56th Mass clears the river but is destroyed by the 4th Texas

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